March 8, 2021


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”They put primacy on their feelings” Dave Rubin on mainstream journalists

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23 thoughts on “”They put primacy on their feelings” Dave Rubin on mainstream journalists

  1. It is odd that, just as Dave Rubin says, leftists will destroy the place they live in, run to another state and then do the same damn thing there. Oregon wand Washing ton state are two perfect examples of this. It really does seem true that to communists, communism never fails, it was just not tried correctly and by the right people.

  2. I will make a clear vinyl mask and test it out. Let’s see if safety is their priority or just shutting people up …. we all know it’s the latter

  3. A journalists's duty is to record and report, in an objective manner. Many of the current crop of so-called "journalists", don't even try to hide their bias anymore. Sensationalist yellow trash, is how I'd describe the state of mainstream journalism these days.

  4. If you think they will use logic and reason for any situation you KNOW NOTHING ABOUT POSTMODERNISM!!! The rejection of logic and reason is the foundational reason why this outlook exists. Read, the founders of the movement and what they reject and why, you'll be stunned. If you don't you'll never understand them. To fight it you have to learn this or you'll be logic & reasoning yourself to the grave and nothing will change.

  5. Does anybody in the comments actually say these things in real life in public?or just keyboard warriors 🧐I do I don't see or hear anyone else not bragging at all im complaining stop being sheep 🐑🐑🐑 talk out our mouths

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  7. Omg. Dangerous untested vaccine from a manufacturer that has many deaths/fines because of their vaccines. And now they are exempt from responsibility. For a thing with 99.98% survival rate?

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