May 8, 2021


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This Arrest Is ABSOLUTELY Insane!

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44 thoughts on “This Arrest Is ABSOLUTELY Insane!

  1. Since Biden said he would take it, I think he should be the very 1st to get it. He needs to actually get it, not like the politicians in New Zealand that pretended to get the jab for a photo op.

  2. my friend!! you need and others need to stop speaking as though this cornhorlio virus is an actual thing/virus!!
    Speaking this way diminishes your entrie message and leaves you completely uncredible…
    We want and need to share the great and informative videos that you and others are making but when you talk as though that so called V-rus is
    a real thing we can’t share these videos…

    Weather you or I personally believe that it’s real is irrelevant, the only thing that matters is that you and I do not know if it is a real thing and
    you must know that there is no evidence of it being real so to continually speak as though it has been confined to be true just ruined all the great things you say…

    We know that you don’t want to, or are worried about saying that it’s not real on here and you don’t even need to do that,
    you could just not mention anything related to it being real or not, and don’t say anything about meaningless positive cases or death numbers ect.

  3. so glad the british anti lockdown movement has no political affiliation as both partys support the police state. people from all races, creeds and class are supporting it. of course antifa and blm and extinction rebellion are no where to be seen showing support as they are allowed to protest. watch how the police target small women and girls during the london anti lockdown protest last weekend

  4. Luke never had a chance to meet you but I just wanna say thank you for helping me wake up to the 911 inside job story. Long time ago I seen something with you in it telling your story and your friends story. Thanks

  5. With four years of Biden , we won’t survive to 2024 , the evil new world order is taking over everything right now , nothing short of a 2nd American revolution will be needed to stop this satanic takeover of America .

  6. It’s so sad how some people you always watched for sources of real news starts becoming the ones that should be taught the truth. You are making yourself part of the disinformation campaign of trumptards.

  7. Here you go again Luke. Referring to 'him as President Elect… im Canadian and ive been taught an election isn't over until all states are certified and without legal issues surrounding them. Whats true? Luke do you believe the main stream media?? I dont get it, im asking a serious question to you.

  8. Why would you be threatened by removal of 230? You gonna start censoring people? Fuck Big Tech. Time to nuke the shit right out of them. Your supporters have your back Luke.

  9. Isn't it time to get out the vaccines and give them to all of the politicians? However many politicians there are, and however many vaccines there are, let's just divide them all up. Sure, some of them are going to have a couple million more than someone else but they can work it out between themselves like adults.

  10. No, you're not getting it. The politician who said that the most dangerous thing is eating at a restaurant and then went out to eat at a restaurant… She doesn't believe it's dangerous. She knows it's not. And she is not the problem here. She does not need any kind of punishment. Everyone needs to wake the f*** up. Including you, who doesn't realize that you're talking out of both sides of your mouth when you're saying this whole thing is a farce and the people enforcing what the people want need to be punished for being hypocritical… The people are a part of the problem. Is it so confusing? Be your own effing leader! The people are living in fear and don't effing get it because the people are effing stupid. There's nothing to be afraid of. The people know nothing and believe everything. They have the leaders they want, Luke. I'm sorry to tell you this, but it's the people that are failing here…. They are failing to understand what is simple and obvious. Peace and Health

  11. If I were you, should Biden really become President, I would start finding alternate means of income. You and the other brave people like you will be taken off the internet. Believe it.

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