October 23, 2021


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THIS FEELS LIKE 2008 [But Even Worse]

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41 thoughts on “THIS FEELS LIKE 2008 [But Even Worse]

  1. We hold referendums on daily basis(it can be easily implemented), install a tablet in every household and we all vote before and after work – we rule ourselves!!! What we have is not working! Reality is a scam in every direction you look! Time to wake up lil munchkins

  2. SGTreport, Shawn REF: American Intelligence Media for A World of True Information!!! #1. British Secor Runs The US Patent Office!!!
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  4. I hear you guys talk this Crypto Currency Crap as a sound money? How can it be SOUND MONEY when it is still digitally controlled by Electronic Means that is subject to power and possible power outages controlled by the same government and DEEP STATE assholes that are currently in control!?! From one enslavement to another! You go ahead! Don’t preserve your wealth in solid, tradable commodities that can be swapped and traded physically because that means more for me when the “TOTAL SYSTEM COLLAPSE” comes upon us as you guys predict! Your comments and projections make no sense! You are blind to your own truths and projections! Why?

  5. @SGTReport Actually, the lead attorney of the Global Debt Facility, Karen Hudes, says they've been working on the currency reset (going back to the Gold Standard and removing the Federal Reserve Bank) for 4 years now. She says they're working on it with every military of the world. She also says they have a 90%-95% chance of success according to the National War College's power translation model, which has never been wrong. Most importantly, she says they're very confident that it will be a peaceful and calm translation. She's not working with Trump on this, unfortunately. She has some experiences with Trump that have her believing he's Deep State, but I believe she's simply mistaken. She doesn't have everything correct, but she's dead on with the money issues since that's her job. So it's honestly looking like we're gonna have a peaceful transition. I'll also mention that the Jesuits are the ones who created futurist prophecy, which is basically what mainstream Christianity believes and has believed for quite a while now. But the Jesuits created that interpretation to throw people off of the true interpretation of prophecy that indicated that the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon back in the 1500s. I know of a different prophecy interpretation that showed the exact years Israel would become a nation and would get the temple mount back, as well as 15 other of the numerical prophecies in the Bible. That interpretation says Armageddon might only be a battle in the spiritual realm, not the physical realm. Therefore, it's possible that Armageddon is going on right now and we're seeing the physical signs of it being that the Deep State is being taken down. Sorry, can't be more clear without getting into details. Either way, that's more possible evidence that we're not going to have a horrific transition ahead of us. Just something to consider. The Jesuits are bad news, and they're at the heart of everything that's going on in the world. Read The Secret History of the Jesuits. Great book.

  6. nearly 4 years ago lots of people were saying that Donald Trump his life was in danger. as far as I understand it there's been a few attempts to assassinate Donald Trump thank god none of these were successful. it seems as though my prayers and millions of others are being heard. but the thread is still there. these luciferium bastards need to be put back into the fire pit where they came from. everybody keep on praying do not stop.

    Constitutional Republican

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    Constitutional Republican

    1 minute ago

    Hes had over 27 attempts at his life thus far.

    Tony truth

    Tony truth

    1 second ago

    @Constitutional Republican keep on praying do not stop.

  7. Bix…why did the banks suppress precious metals long enough for this new crypto technology to be “introduced”? Because it’s a Trojan horse!!!! They will finally have their one world currency they can track and tax every transaction.

  8. It is like 2008. The criminal cia is working overtime to place an obama in the oval office without any chance of voters preventing it. This time instead of running a fake republican "opponent" they are going to remove the republican entirely.

  9. Hey. Derivatives in 2009 were 1.4 quadrillion. World GDP was 76 trillion. How about now? I appreciate all your work, your advice. Q1: how are goods and services going to be available? Q2: who will make change for your grams or ounces of silver or gold?

  10. If you want to protect yourself focus on liquidity, cash flow, capital preservation and tangible wealth (net worth is a meaningless metric). Hold only US treasuries, cash and precious metals, perhaps rental property if you are confident in sustained positive cash flow. Wait for the inevitable crash/reset.

  11. The debt is an illegal fraud issued by a private corporation the Federal Reserve also a fraud posing as a gov't agency. The Constitution requires the treasury to coin gold and silver. Gov't borrowing from a central bank is fraud.

  12. Release what classified documents? Everybody already knows how corrupt they are in their criminal actions and nobody is going to do a damn thing about it. What long game are guys talking about? I think you guys living a pipe dream.

  13. All I remember is screaming that the bankers should not be bailed out. Obama's was so happy to lead this failure. Then the BP OIL spill in our Gulf of Mexico, that he refused to say anything about. Then followed up with chemicals to keep the oil below the water surface. Right there I knew he was deep state guy. America was being taken down.

  14. Gerald Celente has said twice that the greatest depression, which will be greater than the one in 1929, will happen in early 2021 or just after Trump gets re-elected.

    This triggered crash will lead the Vatican, under satan's influence as per Revelation 13:2, to launch a new economic system with its mark – the mark of the beast – which the great majority of the world will embrace.

  15. Kill all debt eh? Glix is dreaming inside of a tunnel vision tube in his own mind.

    Glix says "you can't teach people about gold standard". Duuu we peoplez must be sa-too-pid… /snark
    Repos ARE bailing the banks – Hmm Glix has no answer to that.
    Glix said "half the country is brainwashed by media, Soros" then immediately says "it's a small handful of people that don't understand". Mouth running without brain engaged and spouting BS.

  16. I fear that they will indeed print and bailout the banks again to the tune of 20 trillion dollars and this game will continue on and on. How about 50 trillion? or 100 trillion? What's the difference? They can print money at any amount they want. But the dollars won't buy anything. Except for those at the top.

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