May 13, 2021


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This Is How The Financial Collapse Happens!

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40 thoughts on “This Is How The Financial Collapse Happens!

  1. If you haven’t heard of Hedera Hashgraph cryptocurrency, you should look it up. I’m not going to sell you on it, just a suggestion. I do not think you’ll be disappointed in its potential. Have a great day.

  2. The way the CPI is manipulated is to allocate equal weight to 'big ticket' items that we may all purchase every 5 or 10 years and items that we need to buy every day to sustain our being. Everyone knows, and feel it every day, that the cost of food is increasing rapidly. Conversely, the cost of big screen tv's, electronics and phones (except Apple products) continue to fall in real terms. There will come a day in the not too distant future when you wish you could exchange your Apple for a real apple. Everything has been rigged against ordinary people since the dawn of time and, regardless how hard you try, there is nothing much you can do about it. Accumulating FIAT currency is one of the worst moves you could make.

  3. An observation – A govt prints up 1 trillion dollars and gives this to the public / investors via various mechanisms.

    public / investors will invest so much of this in the stock market , bitcoin or financial instruments. This inceases the notional value of these 'assets'

    Stock market crashes, values cut by 20,30,40,50%….. this notional value is effectively destroyed, the 'money' created by the central banks is thus essentially destroyed……so prehaps the inflation expectations are not so bad – I guess the question is how much of the freshly 'printed' money goes into real assests /commodities vs virtual assets (stocks, bitcoins etc….)

    This is not to say their is no inflation and wont be more (I know their is – its very visible) – but prehaps a market crash will actually help alleviate this….esentially destroy this notional paper value????

  4. Well done son. Getting Schiff to talk to you is quite a coup. Sure, he generally talks to anyone who will listen as he tries to sell them Gold to enrich himself. However, I am surprised that he would be so willing to talk to you.

  5. Not to be contrarian against contrarians, but I believe the powers that be, Powell, Yellen, IMF, etc, are intentionally crashing the economy so they can rebuild it the way they want it. They are pushing the pedal to the medal as long as they can while they conceive and contrive a new digital currency that forces all of us good citizens line up with their agenda.
    Matthew 24:8
    It's just getting started!

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  7. The first thing people will dump are their cell phones at 200 bucks a month. Then women will stay home and no more childcare needed nor second vehicles. Corporations will feel the squeeze just as much. American families will benefit from getting to know each other again, churches will flourish because the world’s promises were found wanting and colleges will crumble because the investment made did not equate to dollars. Could be a win for morality and thus, free enterprise will return.

  8. I enjoyed your video, i am actually tired of worrying about stock and stuff…. It's driving me nuts these days I think crypto investment is far better than stocks

  9. Anyone that questions Peter may aswell take the vaccine wear a mask, and buy consumer products 😂😂😂 I'm having metals and mining stocks and more mortgages

  10. Neil and Peter listen the majority of what we actually ship back are hard commodities eg recycled #1 / bare bright copper and nickels eg 304 and 316 stainless steel. China wants hard commodities so they can keep shipping crap back to North America. Will only get worse guys. To that also cycles of shipping is 8-12 weeks. Multiply that cycle by 4-6 we’re looking at 12-16 months and shiite really hits the fan on stupid assed consumer items at Walmart, dollar tree etc

  11. I travelled extensively the past 4 years and like to tell you , the whole world economy was teetering. Was in HK 2016, it was already bad, Spain terrible, 2018 Germany was real bad and many EU countries, Sweden ( I went to 25 cities over that part of the world ), Central America etc… The USA was slightly better in 2018 than Europe , UK , Scandinavian countries, Asia etc.., Right now with the excuse of Covid and draconian govt mandate by some countries, they will fall even worst as their money printing is worst and their citizen is hoarding US dollars, my theory is all others fail and last the US dollars.

  12. I see prices have gone up, probably above 10% for the things I buy, it's different for everyone. Employees are hard to find unless you can afford to offer double or pay cash.

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