June 17, 2021


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This IS HOW They Play The GAME!

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29 thoughts on “This IS HOW They Play The GAME!

  1. I find it hilarious how a person with the surname, Cortez could feel they have any right to berate anyone else for their ancestors actions, what happened to the Aztecs. But i genuinely think that the irony lost on her.

  2. Luke you have been a voice in my life since the early 2000’s…Your non egotistical approach to finding truth is so powerful, because you don’t make your personality a target…Keep up the good fight man, and know you got a friend in Geronimo Texas… #HectorLives

    PS – love that you are on with Tim now…
    Y’all make an interesting collaboration…
    I didn’t realize y’all were long time friends


  3. the update that was found out about Robinhood was that they ran out of money from the gamestop trades so now one of the hedge funds directly involved has influxed them with a lot of cash

  4. A year and WE get $1800, after a year of lockdowns. But watch Biden bail out the hedge fund execs faster than Pelosi gets 25 market calls for Tesla!!???
    The People finally learn the game, and the Biden administration wants to shut it down!

  5. 'professional' journalist ~ um,.. whats up with the whole.. robinhood.. or whatever uh.. stock trading thingy ? press secretary ~ that's right, chickens are different from cows and this administration intends to stop it. Are there any other covid related questions ?

  6. Yeah, those pesky peasants won't be getting another stimulus check.
    They will place blame on those who took the short sellers to task.
    "It's their fault you won't get a stimulus check!"

  7. Really be nice to have Kaley Back she did her homework and actually came prepared with answers !
    Kaley would have had print outs from reddit that morning looks like an audible was called and everyone has agreed to sell for 500 $ !

  8. Can you here last press for TRUMP. I'll have to circle back on that. Circle back circle back circle that's all I know how to say. I'm already FED up have been SINCE THEY STOLE this election and are trying make mail in voting official. We CAN NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN. WE ALL HAVE TO VOTE IN THIS PRIMARY IN 22

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