October 23, 2021


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26 thoughts on “This is one DISGUSTING Police bodycam video you have to watch

  1. ThisThe so-called police officer is being quite patronising not to mention a bully. What happened to the days when they just cautioned you if they are truly concerned with people wearing a mask why don’t they carry masks with them and hand them out when they see someone not wearing them.

  2. These officers have little idea when it concerns the law. They are not lawyers or legal practitioners and they need to understand their limits.

  3. If there is any justice, history will not remember the Victorian police force well. I think we need to push for a royal commission into the Andrews govt. and the commissioner of law enforcement.

  4. Sad is, that the Police is thinking to do the Right Job. Maybe few Years later will come out that the "deadly" Virus wasnt so deadly after all and all of this was Illegal to save the Video for Judge.

  5. Shame no one is fighting for my wife who has a couple of underlying health conditions for which her GP cannot say how the vacceins would affect her but still expect her to play Russian Rulet and is about to loose her Job as a health care professional not because she in incapable of doing her job but because she is refusing to be blackmailed bullied and coersed to take a jab that it's been shown does not stop you catching or passing this flu its supposed to reduce this possibility or that? Tell that to the thousand and millions that have been adversely affected by the jabs which NO ONE is liable for eccept you as you "chose" to take the jab. Take the jab or loose everything that's not choice and these governments know it.

  6. If she has an exemption, why wouldn't they check, there's no need to accelerate the situation especially when she's having a panic attack. These cops deserve anything coming to them

  7. You’re a disgrace officer. You’re a bully. Did you feel empowered preying on this woman? Pull your head in.
    Is this the society you want for your children?!

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