May 14, 2021


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27 thoughts on “This is outrageous…

  1. Patel and the government seem quite content to let this outrage continue. "Measures" taken have been completely inadequate, including paying the French millions to prevent departures from their shores. Why would the French do this when they don't want these people either? Also, many in France, including Macron, will take delight in the problems it causes on our side of the Channel. By the way, seeing the video of the scenes at the barracks, how can anyone argue that teachers should take priority for vaccinations over the police?

  2. I am beginning to believe the government are doing this by design. These people are not only coming in via our southern ports they are coming in in ports such as Teesside, Hull etc

  3. I volunteered for Care for Calais a few years ago and a lot of what Nigel says here is true. I no longer consider myself a leftist… Those I met in the Calais jungle varied from admirable, industrious and intelligent young men who spoke several languages to some very unpleasant and potentially violent ones. They are a mix of people, some are wonderful individuals with heartbreaking stories… Others not so much (even if they are arriving illegally). Call me naive, but I try to hold out hope that the incentive which causes people to leave their homes for Europe begins to diminish. I also try to exercise both caution and compassion…

  4. Nigel Have you looked into the Great Reset ? According to the rules We have to except Immigration. Things are changing all around us and I’m afraid this is going to be the norm unless a Miracle will appear and stop it.

  5. the law needs to change – if you come here illegally from a safe country you get NOTHING & you cannot claim asylum – no accomation, food or money – these people (mostly young men) are just exploiting these so called "human rights" laws – what about the human rights of UK taxpayers ?

  6. {A state of emergency – boarder issues, reflecting such from the EU, e.g. recent Irish boarder issues of an undefined nature – triggering article 16, is it?} COVID ISSUES – the immigrants should ALL be isolated and have their "freedoms" restricted – if they used the opportunity to create more prisons and just "dump" the immigrants in the prison system, that would solve the capacity issues of the prison system, as a utilitarianism solution of utility and reductionism. Hows about mandatory vaccination for all illegals. OUTRAGIOUS – our own people (citizens) are left homeless without support, across the UK, whilst the "illegal" immigrants are given luxuries of food/tvs that they complain about – its all the close proximity to a mixture of cultures and agendas at issue, similar to our own "cosmopolitan" mix of inner cities……anarchy is in the UK as a political agenda, coupled with such extremes of Marxism, far right and obnoxiously political correct metropolitan elite of the "snowflake"/"woke" variety promulgating such, for change of stagnant of a governing older generation elite…..for said housing and other issues at issue, as we compete with the bankers for capacity to pay the mortgage/rent, when the currency is so diluted/devalued/deflated through investment abroad, as an ongoing constancy of "war" elsewhere, as the reallocation of assets, as to China and such revolutionary change at a generational level……

  7. In the Netherlands the illegals used the same tactics and got their way. The authorities will bend over backwards to accommodate these people and that has nothing to do with kindness but everything to do with a secret deal.

  8. The problem is the there are to many civil servants being paid to do very little outsource their jobs and responsibilities to the private sector. We also have a vast amount of people living on handouts and young people with old student debts that choose not to pay it back and instead wait, dodge and claim a existence. Many of them have time on their hands and wounds under their armour, so they support any wacky woke, cause to justify their own worth and build a stronger armour. They put this country at risk because they don’t take responsibility for themselves and encourage irresponsible and disrespectful behaviour from others at the same time. They fundamentally don’t understand the country, government and taxpayers don’t have a bottomless pot of money for this madness. Our state system will only work if everyone is responsible and respectful of it and it will collapse into communism if a greater number of its citizens keep being irresponsible like what’s happening now!

  9. Dear Nigel, or rather, oh dear Nigel. Here you go again. So after standing up for Priti Useless, you’ve had enough? Well Nigel, that you thought she was doing her best in the first place, that’s what is outrageous. Your answer to this? Send emails and pile on the pressure. Yep, that’ll do it. Clicking delete is a pain aint it? And now it seems (at last) you realise the Brexit ‘deal’ is a farce.

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