September 29, 2021


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THIS Is the Historical Story MARXISTS Don’t Want You To Know | The Glenn Beck Program

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29 thoughts on “THIS Is the Historical Story MARXISTS Don’t Want You To Know | The Glenn Beck Program

  1. The people pushing Marxism assume that they will be part of the elite ruling class. I think most of them are mistaken. The will be shocked when they are carted away because they are viewed as a threat to those actually in power. If they are allowed to turn this American Republic.

  2. For first time I am hearing English speaking individual mentioning that story. There's also book about it. Well done sir! We have soo much more "stories" like this one we have to remember.

  3. I will die before they take my God given rights. For the sake of my family, my wife, my son and my country. Come get me! I know what’s at stake.

  4. COMMUNISM is the purest definition

  5. Am3rica was great till it had there first black president, 8 years to set a plan in place. Look a the country now. But guess I'll just be called racist for my factial opinion!

  6. Well said Glenn. You should have also mentioned the concentration camps in Poland during the second World War. Like Auschwitz outside of Krakow, Poland

  7. Can blame the govt., yet we police each other, condemn those who think differently.
    Very apparent after living a country of 3 cultures, religions, races, languages, that all got along, accepted and respected their differences.
    A kick in the head to return to the states, ?.
    No longer a place I recognize or feel at home living in.

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