April 22, 2021


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This Is What Happens When Universal Basic Income Comes To The USA

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49 thoughts on “This Is What Happens When Universal Basic Income Comes To The USA

  1. I believe that the Fed not releasing the mortgages has to do with Agenda 21 and the globalist agenda. Just like Bill Gates buying up the majority of farmland in America. The transfer of wealth will irreparably erode private ownership. That's the reason for the moratorium, as well…making ownership unsustainable.

  2. Thanks for this great interview with Lynette and bringing enlightening information to those who want to find it at this pivotal point in Human History. Please look into the work of Catherine Austin Fitts for an even deeper dive and it would be very beneficial to you and your subscribers if you could interview her.

  3. In the Epistles, I think it was in 2nd Thessalonians, it says that if you do not work you should not eat which goes to say that it is not fair for the working class to pay for the lower class to live better than the working-class does. I've been in the labor force for a very long time and I still don't eat as well or even as much as people who don't work. It's cruel. Why benefit more from my own productivity. It'd be much much different if i was taking from my own income to feed those i feel deserve it, not having the government steal my earnings to feed mostly con-artists and lazy asses

  4. Wow.. I totally disagree with Lynette with what she said about the automation dude. Very harsh IMO. Automation is one thing that is true capitalism in this world of utter bs manipulation. People get smarter and find new ways to do things faster and cheaper. Has been the case for a long time now. This is natural evolution. Sure, it sucks when your job gets eaten up by it.

  5. Tnx Neil. A good interview. I felt you were mimicking Lynet's spead of speech in this interview as I know you speak faster than this! I also felt you were feeling conscious of your self today.
    Any way, love yours and Lynnet's thought process.

  6. Some pensions are well funded ,some are so so, many are already effectively busted. If you have a pension you'll have to look at yours specifically. Watched videos on pensions and Illinois I believe has already passed the point of no return. Meaning the Illinois state pension is too underfunded vs any possible rate of return to meet its future obligations. Pensions in CA are a trillion underfunded, that's 25k for every man, woman and child in Ca. When the stock market goes bust, pensions go bust, the facade is shattered.

  7. Actually, the thing about UBI is that if America does it, it bails out foreign, dollar-denominated debtors through the massive current account deficit. American UBI is a debt jubilee for the entire world. The purpose of stimulus in America is to stimulate foreign companies owned by the uber elites.

  8. It always seems to me that, whilst some form of UBI would be a good thing (although this video clearly argues otherwise), the issue is not whether we give X amount to everyone with 'no questions asked' (there's clearly a good argument for excluding those with high incomes) – it's more 'how do we have an economic system which is not wholly based on fear/hunger as the sole motivation of employees?' As things stand, you either do a job you probably didn't choose or study for etc (*if* even that is available), or you claim some form of benefit – which is understood as being given grudgingly and making you a bad person for claiming it. Job-Centres generally offer zero assistance to anyone looking for a job (oddly, given what they're called!), and focus exclusively on making claimants justify their existence by keeping notes on every job they have been rejected for.

    Clearly, what is needed is any system which does not simply assume the worst about everyone, and provide temporary assistance whilst deliberately demoralising the unemployed by having them 'check in' as if they were a criminal out on parole. Many people do not claim benefits they are entitled to (statistics very rarely mention this) because it is so clear that if they do so, they are automatically regarded as in some way reprehensible.

    Also, how perverse is it that if someone quits a job because they are either no good at it (and would rather not continue providing a bad service – i.e. they have a sense of honour), or they're losing their mind through stress/exhaustion etc (which ends up the same), they are not allowed any assistance, for precisely that reason (they 'quit')? We demand that people burn themselves out, that their employers have total and exclusive control of their time (including the right to cancel holidays etc), and that if they break down completely, they're not entitled to any form of assistance – because they 'quit voluntarily'?! They'd be obliged, presumably, to 'ask to be sacked'. Who has ever done that? Whether the answer is UBI or not, I'd think we can all see that that's pretty messed-up…

  9. Agree a lot about the independence and self reliance aspect. I am in the process of selling a few bitcoin and buying some land for my family to live on.

    I got out of the city and the events industry several years ago, started to learn more about food production and long term preservation and storage. Have now been growing some produce for a few years and about to ramp that up massively. Within 24months I should be growing most of the food my family eats and producing a lot more to sell to the local community. Not planning on doing it for massive profit but more to try and help the local community around us have access to healthy, non GMO, organic, local and fairly priced food.

    I have been into preparedness and farming for many years but until a few years ago I hadn’t put much of what I learned into practise. Thanks to crypto and knowing that another 9/11 type false flag event was due we made some decisions prior to them releasing Dr Fauci’s virus from the lab. I knew it had to be bigger than 9/11 as they would need a scapegoat for the entire monetary system failing this time. I didn’t think it would be as sick as releasing a virus into the world and then using lockdowns as the catalyst followed by experimental gene therapy injections and so called vaccine passports to control and monitor people around the world.

    Indeed we are dealing with some sick people. Buy some bitcoin and amongst others also look into Monero & Pirate chain people. You need access to a new way of transacting outside of the system and whilst bitcoin has made a lot of people a lot of money it is transparent and traceable easily. You need to understand the value of privacy coins and you need to distinguish between what privacy coins will actually enable you to truly use them as fungible and truly private transactions. Monero and PirateChain will enable you to conduct transactions for whatever reason with whoever and whenever you choose.

    Good luck to you all. Times are getting interesting to say the least. 🤞🏼

  10. The only thing I got from all of this was that this lady screwed over a whole bunch of people in the early days of her heyday and then after she feel guilty of making her millions she wants to give it back to the people sounds about right that sounds like what I want to do screw over a whole bunch of people make my millions and then be like hey you know what I feel bad for what I did

  11. Can somebody tell me why we need driverless trucks and robot delivery people? This is a world being built where people are not important. Guess what happens to the people in that world.

  12. UBI will cause standards of goods and services to fall at an even faster rate than since China began to set the new global bench mark in dire standard.

  13. How can someone add value to the economy by working from home and receiving an income ? The answer is: they cannot. But in the interest of fighting a collapsing money velocity, they create this false economy and soon money will have zero value = high prices. The consumer deflation force is winning at the moment, but new tools like covid, digital cash/cashless society will create price inflation

  14. I parlayed unemployment and then Senate Democrats' 4 week extension to that, into basic science. I moved to the Field, living out of a two room cabin tent for most of a summer back +25 years ago, to produce a couple of Geologic Maps (+100 square miles) that I had not a shred of a chance of getting funded by mainstream "science". I need more free money to work out some stratigraphic and structural problems I later found and then get a publisher. So, thanks so much to you taxpayers, you did get something (not much, tho) for your money. 🙂

  15. I totally understand what she is saying about how investors lied to customers. I worked in investment and caught an advisor stealing a customers pension by putting it into bonds. He was eventually convicted of fraud.

  16. Our public health officials make more than a PM here in Canada, they must be psychopaths and narcissists in order to keep lying to people for a paycheque.

  17. Neil i see you have listed where to buy gold and silver in the UK and the US but fortunately/unfortunately I've lived in Canada for many years but we are both dual citizens for Canada and the UK, Scotland actually.
    Are there any sources that you can share or do i have to do my own digging.
    By the way Ward is my wifes Grandparents surname

  18. We've spent trillions in Canada so far. We know based on the agenda 21 info, that we are going to destroy economies in order to bring in the NWO. Governments keep moving the goal posts so we are never going to know what will come until it does. I'm not sure about UBI. Those making more money that what they offer on UBI won't appreciate this small amount. I'd say opening upthe economy and letting people work will do a better job of keeping the economy going. Also, how do the government take taxes from us? How do we get gold and silver then?

  19. Keep joining the dots and the big picture becomes clearer.
    Why were so many silicon valley companies called "disruptive technologies" – who wins and who loses? For example Air BnB in Barcelona distorted the accommodation available to residents, because normal living accommodation was occupied by tourists instead of locals. Supply for people born there reduced, city centre home prices increased. At the same time hotel jobs came under pressure.

  20. There is no free lunch. What will we have to give up in order to comply with their UBI? It’s coming…..UN to take our private property. That’s why the police are looking more and more like troops. They will have a global police force to keep us all in line.

  21. Instead of being afraid of scaring people, why not tell them the truth which is the whole system is going to collapse, it's a matter of when, not if, and get your money out of the f**** bank(s), all of it!

    I'm quoting someone…The hallmark of a healthy mind is the ability to face reality, head-on.

    Furthermore, what if the whole reason behind what's happening on the planet is due to impending biosphere collapse?
    Dane Wigington seems to think so, and if he's right, well, I wouldn't be too concerned about gold, because you can't eat it.

    It would explain power structure desperation (climate engineering, CV 1984, shots in the arm, QE, etc.) to remain in power until the brutal bitter end…

  22. In the interview, you two show that you understand that today’s money is created out of nothing. Then comes Lynette’s comment that gold is worth at least $12,000. What is 12 000 x Nothing. Oh, that’s cute. 😉

  23. Watching from the Netherlands, seen a lot of your vids, very much appreciated.. just a little remark, maybe upgrade camera a bit Neil or laptop? It is pretty vague

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