July 26, 2021


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THIS is what LEADERSHIP Looks Like!!! With Ex Navy SEAL Jocko Willink

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35 thoughts on “THIS is what LEADERSHIP Looks Like!!! With Ex Navy SEAL Jocko Willink

  1. Ask questions, LISTEN to the answers and go with the best suggestions/solutions. Respect is a two way street and it is EARNED not a privilege of rank.

  2. A good leader takes care of his or her people. A platoon leader doesn't go to sleep or eat until he insures all his troops needs are met and things are secure. He can delegate that to his NCOs, but gains wins respect with his troops if he does it personally when he can, in a supportive but not micro-managing way.

  3. Dan is full of it… I've heard him speak in defense of some of trumps most abhorrent policies.

    I'm sorry but I listen to him speak about his team recognizing insecurities in leadership and I can't help but think to myself where was this Dan Bongino during the last presidency?

    He's not being truthful.

  4. The best boss I ever had was a leader like the one described. She asked our opinions on what might steam line our work processes, she asked us what training or resources we needed. After a while she was able to step back and observe to see where deficiencies were and then she would point these out to the workgroup in order to bring them to our attention as well as get further input as to how they could be improved. She was never dictatorial but rather supportive, though if it came down to a hard decision she didn’t shy away and would sometimes do things we didn’t care for, but we respected her. Because we knew she had a valid reason for doing so.

  5. Mr Brand has made me a fan because of his thoughtful and respectful way he speaks to everyone I've heard him interview. All lasting change starts with civil discussion.

  6. H. John Poole is the one exception to 1.5 years of leadership. He was a platoon commander in Vietnam. At the end of his career he regretted not being a better commander, so he gave up his rank of LtCol and went enlisted so he could be a platoon sergeant.

    Man is a legend in the USMC.

  7. 3.45 million subscribers? Russell has 3.45 million subscribers. Why? I'll never be one. How does a censor have 3.45 million subscribers. 11:46? Is that it? Is that all you got Russell? Dangle that rotten carrot "Russ"! How bad is it? How messed up are you? You ask people to pay you for this? Have you spent any time in front of the mirror with your eyes closed?

  8. Hello Russell:

    I don’t follow actors in general, but I’ve always thought I’m openminded to good ideas wherever they come from.

    I sometimes disagree with you, but I want you to know I respect and appreciate you and these commentaries and interviews.

    Much respect; subscribed; please keep it up!


    A Former USAF Veteran.

    PS: This was an excellent installment. Thanks again; keep it up.

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