20 thoughts on “This is why I think your climate 'science' is all bullsh*t”
  1. Was funny early this year in Australia when these climate change people were freaking out over all the smoke due to the bushfires. They thought this was it. Climate change is here. It has caused all the smoke to stay trapped in our atmosphere. You couldn’t explain to them that it’ll go away once the fires are out. They must feel really stupid now.

  2. I dont think those people understand that they wont get a new Iphone every 6 months, or an abundance of chocolate and other things they like if the entire world goes by their standards; and wont talk about the worldwide economic crisis and wars that will come from it, and the famines it will create around the word if they suddenly had their way.

  3. Their climate "science" may be bullshit but the actual climate changes will affect your life as well in a couple of years… At least they are trying to make that obvious while people like you say everything is fine…

  4. These protesters are doing a very bad job of communicating the real science behind AGW. They do actually need to do more thorough research, it's not even that complicated to understand on a higher level.

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