April 18, 2021


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This One Simple Exercise Can Greatly Improve Your Balance

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39 thoughts on “This One Simple Exercise Can Greatly Improve Your Balance

  1. I am sitting in Dublin Ireland in the middle of quarantine and you have me laughing out loud picturing you making sure the neighbours aren't watching you. Ty for the laugh Mary

  2. I love your videos! I’m in my mid 70’s and appreciate your instructions seasoned with humor and wisdom. You fellas are such an inspiration… Thank you thank you!! Blessings!

  3. The white shirt doesn't work, Bob. Seriously, though…thank you for these vids. I've been to 3 PTs for my back pain. All they ever did for me was increase my pain with muscle strengthening exercises
    . Why didn't they teach me the techniques you guys use?

  4. I’m picturing an 80s teen flick where the characters did the “ziggy ziggy.” I’m also very grateful I spent my 20s and 30s around jambands free-form dancing. Mostly doing these moves, in public, multiple nights a week. Now it is fewer nights in public and a lot more annoying the neighbors. But I’m still shakin’ on Shakedown Street.

  5. I discovered this site and I have been doing these exercises. My balance is not very good so I needed an exercise to strengthen my muscles. You guys are great and you explain these moves so we seniors can do them. Thank you.

  6. Will this work with vertigo? I had severe vertigo mid March and it is about 90% gone but still hanging on. I will try some repositioning soon in PT. Some days are better than others.I've had a fall that made it worse then another fall that made it better. Frustrating.

  7. Save room for the Holy Spirit!!! As a chaperone I told many teens that just to see their expressions 😉 thanks for the tips. Nothing beats exercising with music. Appreciate your help 🎶 I should be dancing …..🎶

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