March 5, 2021


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This ONE THING Will Stop Scams Completely

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43 thoughts on “This ONE THING Will Stop Scams Completely

  1. You couldn't make this up, the whole presentation is around rug pulls and how bad/ bad actors etc. etc. are bad for the space WHAT THE F>>>
    YOU"RE A RUG PULL !!! at this moment i'm still trying to find out if it's this guy Da Luz or BBoy is implicated, this sort of stuff ruins your cred man, show us you're innocent and it's the other guy 😱
    The really sad thing is for a relatively small sum of $1.5m ??? I'm not advocating fraud, whoever commits should go to jail, but for $1.5m, really ?????

  2. Dayyum im so fortunate i sold my tokens to get into another project but i didnt want to sell those tokens, because i thought this project would go somewhere. Im surprised they quit when the going got tough! IRONIC THAT A PROJECT TRYING TO PREVENT PEOPLE FROM GETTING REKT ACTUALLY REKT PEOPLE! Dayyyum im sorry this shit happenes everyday day.

  3. Anybody got money in Unitrade unilayer and Carbon. Sho get there money out asap. These guys are all from the rug pulling sqiuad Ghost by mcaffe, This rug pull by Adrian and his partner who runs Carbon are Aussie scammers.

  4. The rich invest their money first into assets instead of purchasing liabilities. Take a wise decision today to buy and invest in cryptocurrency.

  5. I’m really appreciate that MasterBB 🌈🙏 for daily great content and new born Carbon ‘s tokens information 🌈🚀 , and please MasterBB make another tutorial video how to invest or buy Carbon’s tokens.

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