October 23, 2021


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This Signals BIG TROUBLE Ahead!

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49 thoughts on “This Signals BIG TROUBLE Ahead!

  1. Dziś w Irlandii rząd ogłosił program uwalniania domów osób w domach opieki, na emigracji, etc pod wynajem za 0% podatku. Budowane są masowo budynki przemysłowe które potem już czwarty rok stoją puste. Nikt nie buduje domów od 2019 nie wydawane są pozwolenia na budowę jednorodzinną. Irlandia już wie że populacja spadnie fch a obiekty przemysłowe czekają na upadek Europy. Błogosławiony kto widzi reszta do worka. Przypomnę że wczoraj 1350 zakażeń wzrost ciężkiej hospitalizacji o 25%, pierwszą dawkę wprowadzacza nowego świata przyjęło 77% wiernych.

  2. Seth Overlord Darth Fauci has spoken! Gain-In-Function funding that his administration gave through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) federal funding programs, funded a NC Lab which in turn funded millions to a China Wuhan Lab to do Gain-In-Function research. Gain-In-Function research became legally banned in the US so the NIH knowingly allowed NIH US funding to be funneled to this Chinese Wuhan Lab to continue Gain-In-Function Covid research offshore in China.

    For now stay double masked, in seclusion, unemployed, rent free and following all our OverLord Seth Fauci’s Covid-19 edicts. Stay fearful and hunkered down at all times.

  3. Man, Luke if you get much bigger they are gonna try to Alex jones you.
    Alex said a lot of true stuff mixed with a lot of crazy stuff, Luke just says a lot of true stuff minus the crazy…
    Luke is just harder to make look insane, but it's coming I'm sure.

  4. This whole Wuhan lab thing is a decoy to lure you back into this virus scare.
    There is really no killer virus.
    Always look at how bad it really was.
    Did more people die than in previous years? NO!
    About 15 of 10.000 people which get sick of the virus die eventually.
    Most of them are old with other diseases as well.
    There are medicines for treating covid-19.
    But they want to inject you with their experimental junk at all costs.
    The same people who said there were too many people on the planet
    want to save us now with a vaccine…
    Do the math.

  5. my gawd . . .they are just straight up , flat out lying into your face . . .wake the hell up people . .. we have been played for 1.5 years . .its all been bullshlt

  6. I told a neighbor who works at the NIH and didn't hear about Foul-chee emails and the " gain of function" research, this person was TOTALLY in the dark and very surprised. They think that fake dr is a god. Btw, I'm not vaccinated.

  7. I’ve been unliking any page I previously liked that changed their profile picture to include a rainbow but failed to acknowledge (the real purpose of) Memorial Day.

  8. Well, at least our President Biden is friends with the invading Chinese and the UN, perhaps he will put a good word in for the American People… allowing us life, or send out next time a more powerful pandemic virus with faster results? All is well, I'm sure.

  9. HELLO! This whole thing is deliberate. You can’t have a global totalitarian regime, aka a Global Reset with sovereign free, economically strong countries like the USA. Everything since Obama has been an accelerated push to destroy this country and any other sovereign free nation through destruction of its economy, the value of its currency etc. talk talk talk doesn’t do anything. I believe people will either accept it or there will be a global civil war and many will die to set us free from the oligarchy of Corporate Elite power hungry billionaires.

  10. Dangit I should have subscribed to you so long ago,, I really liked you from t.p irl and was curious where you went,, finally y.t algorithm doesn't suck off the weiner! Keep up the good work

  11. We now know that Fauci funded the lab that developed covid and unleashed it on the world. We also know that he lied about masks and lockdowns so he could intentionally cripple our economy. We also know that he lied about how dangerous the vaccine is but it's okay because he did it for our own good

  12. I can’t take you seriously when you bitch about social safety and stimulus but in the same breath don’t say anything about the military spending, you are either discussing in bad faith or ignorance .

  13. Luke, Is there a way to crop the screen you're showing to us in a way that doesn't show the right sidebar paparazzi stuff about Jennifer Lopez, Rob Lowe, Heidi Montag? It visually discredits the seriousness of what you're highlighting about Fauci on center stage.

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