26 thoughts on “Thrive Movie Going Free”
  1. Did you have a spanish vesion of this movie ? I will love to present it before my scholl class as soon as possible but iwe are in cabo, baja mexico and we speak spanish !!! Please advise .

  2. I am so grateful for this video. I have Thrive already, but wanted friends to see, and was taken by surprise by the genuineness of the radiant heart. THAT is the whole thing.

    We interact with the fluctuations in the quantum foam to bring forth the glorious vision implicit in the gorgeous, astonishing, exquisite varieties in our beautiful cosmic jewel of a home. The TELEOLOGY.

    I am so happy, filled with your radiant love-wisdom.

  3. I agree with all you say. It amazes me how few people realize the Diesel engine was intended for burning on corn oil! Corn is an abundant, and easily grown crop that does not cause near the amount of environmental damage that the creation and use of petroleum causes.
    I admit, the torus is far superior. Now we just have to find a way to get some actual torus systems into our hands! Please!

  4. The objective of these NWO infiltrator families is to use some of their inherited dirty money to win the public faith, to hijack and to mislead. They have to tell just enough truth to win the public trust. Why are Gamble, Soros, Rothschild, Goldsmith and other filthy rich NWO families financing movements that resist their NWO agenda? Out of the goodness of their hearts? Not a chance. It's for the same reason they have historically financed both sides of political parties, wars and revolutions.

  5. It's all about controlling the opposition and using their "divide-conquer and rule" formula and their problem-reaction-solution formula.You need to do more homework on these conscienceless families, on their think tanks, strategies and deceptive politics. You need to get on top of their game. If you decide to climb aboard the NWO train wreck – that's up to you.

  6. hey foster, the 2 mins of your vid i got through was ok but what i really could use is some of that free energy that comes out of your magical thingybob. can you hook me up so i can sell it to my neighbors and send you the money back. it sounds like your hurtin but i'm sure the chemical house hold products business will pick up again one day, peace

  7. ? It is called spreading the word. And it is the spreading of the word that this is about as all copies were blocked on youtube. If you look at films like 'Why in the world are they spraying' which has just come out, the spreading of this information is 'encouraged', not censored. Thank you my friend, enjoy your day.

  8. Not sure you did actually. Many many many people do not wish to 'research' and you can knock for this as much as you like, it won't change anything, however if you can introduce them to a well put together piece of information that covers some difficult areas, this is all good… However if this information is/was only available to those who were prepared to pay upfront to gain this knowledge your sphere of influence is limited. That is all i have said. Do i want something for nothing?

  9. Sorry i think you miss the point. I knew this info, i researched, and have been since 2002. I think the rest of what i said is self explanatory. This is a good film, it contains good information, it is all in one film, it is a good starting point… As for your assertions of my 'laziness' you are entitled to your opinion, only i would have thought someone who proclaims to being a researcher would have done a little more regarding this opinion. We are, i'm sure, on the same side. Namaste.

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