April 22, 2021


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Tight & Painful Neck? 2 NEVER Do Exercises & 3 BEST Exercises

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21 thoughts on “Tight & Painful Neck? 2 NEVER Do Exercises & 3 BEST Exercises

  1. There are a lot of videos here on YouTube that recommend exactly those two ”exercises” for neck pain or stiffness. And that's the reason you should never follow the advice of some stranger on the internet.

  2. I suffered from whiplash 10 years ago and went to different physiotherapists who taught those wrong methods. Same with exercise trainers. My headaches and neck/back pain go away for a day or two, but always came back.

    But after less than a week of doing the gentler routines by Bob and Brad, my headaches are gone, same with the stiffness around my neck and shoulders! I can't thank you enough! Will come back here to learn proper exercises!

  3. I have cervical dystonia. What would you guys recommend as best exercises for someone whose neck wants to turn my head right? I have difficulty turning my head left. I realize this is probably more of a neurological issue, but it would be good to find something to help the tight, sore muscles that are associated with the issue. Thanks.

  4. I can’t believe for months my physical therapist has me doing those pulling down head stretches when I have a bulging disc on neck, I kept telling them after seeing them I felt worse and still they wouldn’t change a thing, I’m so glad I watched your video!

  5. A bunch of these moves to never do- it almost looks like they had learned the wrong way to do eccentric extension with resistance and thought it was a stretch when it was strengthening.

  6. I recently had my teeth aligned and this released a lot of tension in my neck/shoulder. It has given more flexibility than all my my giv gong and yoga workouts.

  7. Stating AFTER you show a good exercise that it may be a “don’t do” exercises doesn’t give credibility, guys. Also, you’ve gone so commercial since going into business mode, selling tons of crap that are dangerous for many people. UCK!

  8. Could someone educate me please: What part of the neck is the towel-stretch supposed to stretch? The front of the neck? I don't really feel it anywhere. The other ones are really nice, thank you!

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