April 22, 2021


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Tim Pool on Big Tech's woke authoritarianism

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48 thoughts on “Tim Pool on Big Tech's woke authoritarianism

  1. I've watched very little of Tim Pool, almost nothing, but I'm a libertarian, not a leftist, so I guess he's in another echo chamber. The left-right spectrum isn't really relevant to libertarianism's core political principles, so I'm not a part of the fight between the left and the right in all it's messy variations. There are some libertarians who think we're closer to the right/conservatives, but I question how libertarian or how honest they're being. We've got big differences with them. Yes, libertarians, even the stodgy old Cato Institute is for open borders, economic free trade (a.k.a. globalism), eliminating victimless "crime" laws, etc., so I guess we're part of the evil crowd to most UnHerd viewers who seem to be English populists and traditionalists. Of course we libertarians are for free speech and expression too, and we're anti-woke, at least when it's forced on people with laws. This series is full of conservatives, anti-woke leftists, centrists, etc., but there're no real libertarians. Why not? Don't you want idea-diversity? Invite Jacob Hornberger on, or Eric D. July, or Dr. Mary Ruwart, or Ron Paul…
    In the meantime, I think think that hysteria, emotionalism and tribalism win the day….

  2. Its all a bit vacuous as a discourse. We leftists had an agenda for egalitarianism back in the day wether supporting the liberation movement in Central America, Free Tibet movement or Woman’s rights…..the rightists positions today seeded by the left have been hi-jacked by them, and now it’s the consolidation of the Machine through these neo-fascist/nativist people and forums. Whatever, still Democrats don’t want Honduran kids in prisons in Arizona, for the ‘new right’ they don’t mind. We’re all well down the rabbit hole 🕳

  3. I come here for smart criticisms of the mainstream, not this obvious grifter. You can do better Unheard. Watch any of the 100s of videos pointing out his complete disregard for facts and his dishonest framing of issues. Vadim just did a great video pointing out his lies. It’s disgusting that he uses the term journalist.

  4. I don't know – seems like this is the first time this channel has been dumbed-down. Mr. Pool certainly doesn't come across to be a considered thinker (at least on-the-fly).

  5. The best candidates who "don't have a chance of winning" only don't have a chance because people with a big public voice continue to parrot this exact talking point that the establishment pushes to maintain their own corrupt power.

    If only these voices would take their power away from the system as we know it, we would see actual change.

  6. Nope. The overall effect of trump is positive in that he gives voice to the people's freedom and the principles of our constitution. That is pure gold and if a big dude with bad manners makes that happen.

  7. It seems like each generation is a reaction to the previous one. It is amazing to me how new adults, do not seem to have much attachment to freedom. We will see how they like it if and when they have given it away. These two men are two of my favorite people who I check in with because they are always talking about the topics I am interested in. Thank you.

  8. Professor Linsey McGoey wrote a book on "Strategic Ignorance"… Let that sink in…

    Correction, Tim Poole. The only people who believe that because it's done by Joe Biden it's fine, are those that do so out of ignorance, willful or not. We are living in a technocratic oligarchy.

  9. I hope Freddy is just playing Devils advocate, and doesn't really buy into the fantasy that Trump was the cause of the insanely rabid, partisan politics prevalent in the US (and elsewhere, sadly) right now. Trump was a result of this schism, as it was well under way by the time he was voted in. The response to his victory was proof that the insanity was already imbedded.

  10. The left never really cared for anyone. It was a myth. It largely was a movement to relive their guilt at being middle class or in many cases upper class. But do they really care what happens to poor people or victims of crime? They don’t. Now after Trump you are seeing their blatant hypocrisy which discredits them like nothing has ever before. When you have the ACLU promoting censorship, when you have people like AOC ignoring the kids in cages, when you have Bernie refusing to pay his own employees a fair wage is all out in the open now. I don’t know if it will get better only because the media covers for them and also it’s now become a our tribe vs their tribe and therefore no self criticism is allowed. This divide if left to continue will to destroy western democracies who continue to bend a knee to these hypocrites.

  11. The 'woke' left are the fake left, as supplied by the establishment owned (right wing) media. And yet, even some traditional lefties are falling for it… that's how powerful Tv and newspapers are, that's how powerful trust in a trusted source is; old school liberals would be spinning in their graves! BLM, Antifa….. how do people fall for this shit?

  12. Big Tech's reach and influence of other countries will ultimately be their downfall as NEW and presumably more INDEPENDENT foreign companies will emerge.

  13. This is creepy as F…. Big Tech needs to be destroyed it has F…..Western Enlightenment ideas totally… It is destroying The West. Technology, Globalisation and mass ethnic immigration is and will destroy The West… Brett Weinstein, Douglas Murray, Jordan B Peterson, is talking a lot about this, the Enemies are within The West, it’s politicians, institutions and academia! This is so sinister, America is collapsing from within, China, Russia, Iran and Turkey are loving this… The younger generation are unbelievable in parts… they will not wake up until the CCP are locking them up for being F….gender fluid it’s madness by warp steed! 21st century is insane…It feel’s like this isn’t going to end well, I really hope I am very wrong!

  14. as a Méxican I've been complaining about this, fb let's you know they can ban you for posts in many languages, but it's not just about speaking a language, it's about people's cultures, sense of humor, etc.. don't impose your american stuff in-between two mexicans having a chat! (or any other country)

  15. I hate the line of thinking where Mr Trump has apparently caused irrevocable turmoil in the world. It’s an unproven fantasy and fits the “everyone who isn’t left wing is Hiter” narrative. It’s the reason why Trump supporters, Brexiteers or lockdown critics are patronised as a deplorable, mouth frothing, underclass. Simply for pushing back at any grand narrative. You can’t win unless you’re an establishment sycophant.

  16. I would like to see discussed what Big Tech(i.e Amazon. twitter, facebook) is doing with algorithms built from harvest of data farms. Are they not using them to replace the minds of the masses?

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