April 10, 2021


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Time To Cut The Fat

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47 thoughts on “Time To Cut The Fat

  1. Smart, Thought I was one of the only ones who did this sort of behavior … I've learned so much from your channel and from you in general thanks for another great video 7 years ago I started focusing on myself and made hard dissensions at the time (cut the fat) now my life is 100% better than before. Anyone can reach there goals in life like the video told use it just takes focus and hard work, moral support helps too

  2. Патрик, я смотрю ваш канал в русском переводе! И хочу вас поблагодарить от всей нашей аудитории, за то что Вы делаете. Спасибо большое!

  3. The "doing" is not really the problem, most people already work, so working more is no big deal; the issue is discovering where/how to create real value so you don't end up wasting a decade. 🤷‍♂️ No negativity intended, I just genuinely think that is the key component that most would-be entrepreneurs will never really figure out.

  4. Doesn't make sense what this guy is saying, another youtube scammer, dude you got lucky so shut up and stop showing off your mansion, I've been working more than 15 years and nothing happened, and no addictions to drugs, fancy cars or crazy spending, forget that hype people what con artist this guy is, more clicks more youtube money for you dawg. Folks don't fall for this…

  5. Oh, you want us all to click unsubscribe button ??? ….
    You just told all your viewers not to waste time watching anything entertaining 🙂
    or is it anything EXCEPT YOUR VIDEOS ? 😉

  6. I loved the vid so much! I have been trying to research for a YouTube video like yours that really educates the stuff in this YouTube vid. 🩺 The part at 1:04 is informative. Your tip totally is similar to the vids of this awesome med student Doctor Ethan. Dr Ethan's videos are useful and he helped me on exams.

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  7. Bro – this video hit me like a ton of bricks man. So happy for you man and I saw a good portion of your journey and you deserve it all and much more….Keep going and keep on being an amazing inspiration bello.

  8. I think the same, I can't watch long movies or invest myself into TV series.
    …. problem is, unlike Pat, I instead spend the time saved not watching media just blanking out doing nothing at all instead. ;_;

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