April 20, 2021


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Tinder: A Predator's Playground | Trailer | Coming Soon

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Dating apps have revolutionised the way that we find love – but are they also putting us in grave danger? Tinder has been downloaded more than 100 million …


28 thoughts on “Tinder: A Predator's Playground | Trailer | Coming Soon

  1. It's awful that this is happening, but what do people expect from engaging that closely with others they never even got to know in the first place? It's just stupid. Tinder shouldn't be used, people who got married off of it could have also gotten to know their partners in other ways.

  2. how come you advertize interracial couples mainly in this video? love is a great thing but you are srsly pushing a certain topic, when most interracial relationships are just "adventures" and dont work out anyway

  3. I stopped using Tinder 3 years ago when a "girl" on a profile tried to suggest that she had a husband and that her and her (not of legal age daughter) all had sex together. That was weird. Then I realized that if it happened to me, it was probably very common and probably bait for predators on the site, and was probably a common thing. This documentary focuses on male sex offenders without acknowledging that there are countless of female/women sex offenders on the app as well. Tinder was good i the early to mid 2010s, after that it was downhill

  4. Sorry, but she went to a strangers house then got raped? Maybe it's true, maybe not, but what was she doing there in the first place? Can't you ask these guys for references at least? Or, I don't know, maybe meet a nice guy & go on a few dates first? There are devices out there if someone really needs it (humans were designed to start procreating at a much youngwe age than we do now-it's only natural ppl would have urges-going into strange ppl's homes is NOT the way to fulfill them.)

  5. Women, Get Out of tinder! Wake up and realize the world can be a dangerous place and meeting strangers for "causal" encounters is never causal. Bring a friend, and never drink alcohol! Keep your senses alert. U have been lured into a very dangerous game where predators and silicon valley always win, you are just the bait. GOD Bless.

  6. Over 100 women have used me for free meals.
    They meet me after posting bikini and butt pictures on Tinder.
    I already spend 70$ and 3h of my time on you and I'm unreasonable for wanting to ¢um?
    Do you know how it feels to be rejected only because I'm short?
    I get zero matches when I put height on my profile. I am looking for 18-55+ women so I have no standards. I wish some woman would ®abe me.

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