March 8, 2021


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To be labelled a 'climate change denier' is 'ludicrous and disturbing'

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Youtuber and climate realist, Naomi Seibt says she became “passionate” about the topic of climate change after she “looked into the science of both sides of the …


44 thoughts on “To be labelled a 'climate change denier' is 'ludicrous and disturbing'

  1. OK, I agree that this girl may well have had a rough time but you seem to forget the way Greta Thunberg was treated by such people as Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt.

    It seems that both girls have been treated badly by their peers and the media in different ways. Why should this girl be shown to be especially brave when Ms Thunberg is treated as an "alarmist" etc?

    Human-induced climate change, according to Professor Stephan Lewandowsky, (University of Western Australia) is perceived differently by people of different political persuasions. He demonstrated that US Republicans increasingly denied human-induced climate change as their education level increased while this was the reverse situation with US Democrats.

    Some Sky /Fox News presenters have been advocating unfounded theories on the US elections indicating that President Trump was cheated yet every court case presented by his supporters has been thrown out for lack of verifiable evidence. And you talk of "conspiracy theories"? Isn't this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

  2. Sorry, but I cannot join the praise for this girl. She claims to have read intensively about the science behind climate change, but when checking out this video from her >>> The Concensus Fraud <<< it is clear she doesn't even understand that there is a difference when you say scientific concensus and concensus in the traditional sense. And I cannot take anyone seriously who talks abouts scientific matters but is uninformed about its correct terminology.

  3. Nobody "denies the climate". So to call people a climate denier is a bad rethorical simple trick. To be a climate sceptic / climate realist is another story……

    And btw…..12 points to Germany and Naomi! She is the one to follow….not Greta!

  4. Haha! what a load of bollocks…all you 'free thinkers' that believe anything you hear on youtube just becsase it goes against the mainstream narrative are an absolute joke.
    You should have to have some sort of intelligence test before you are allowed to express your freedom of speech in a public forum, or to be able to vote.
    There'd be a lot less comments on this video that's for sure.

  5. There's a new radical hypothesis in town. It essentially agrees with Naomi's point of view with regard to the need to understand the science behind climate change and to keep an open mind:

    I propose that Andrea Ghez will soon prove that Einstein's theory of gravity is wrong:

    There is an alternative imagery based on the idea of dark/different matter existing at the centre of the Moon which pulls on the Earth's core to create the ocean tides. The pull would be especially strong when on the same plane as the Earth to create the Spring Tides.

    Evidence for a stronger gravitational pull on the orbital plane due to dark/different matter in planetary cores comes from this scientific paper: It appears more technical than it needs to be. They are saying that the change in distant from the Sun (eccentricity) is only between 1% and 5% and so is way too small to generate the glaciers of ice ages. The orbit of the Earth also goes up and down in a more direct 100,000-year cycle (inclination) and so is a better fit to the data. They lack a credible mechanism but didn't think of an increase in tidal gravity as Earth's orbit traverses the orbital plane of Jupiter. This increase in tidal strength would bring extra precipitation to the polar regions. The increase in snowfall accumulates at a greater rate than summer melting, leading to glacial buildup and advance. The ice ages have little to do with the Sun, much more with the failed star Jupiter.

    Further evidence comes from the 405,000-year climate cycle which is attributed to Jupiter and Venus:

    Note that the official explanation is that they "perturb the Earth's orbit" to create the largest glacial cycle of them all.

    But this still only makes the Earth at most 5% further away from the Sun. The dark/different matter theory is a better fit to the data. Jupiter causes extra tidal strength on the 100,000-year cycle and Venus brings even more every 4th cycle.

    It will be confusing to start with but is understandable to a layperson given enough thought.

  6. Huh, Greta may well do an interview without an actual script… but her people would never let her do an interview without seeing the questions beforehand and if the interviewer was going to ask about the actual science… They wouldn't get the gig.

  7. I understand that we badly need people who question and challenge mainstream media and who refuse to get whipped up in the hysteria. It takes courage to do this. However Naomi doesn’t say what her views are on the accuracy of the international science on climate change. Which bit of climate change science does she think is wrong? It’s a vast subject so does she think it’s not happening at all? Or that it’s not man made now? Or that it’s not going to kill billions? I’m genuinely curious and not interested in attacking her at all because we need open minds and different views.

  8. I think Climate change, coronavirus, BLM, political correctness & terrorism are all siblings. All an agenda by the elite to control us. Education is manipulated, you are only taught things that benefit this agenda.

  9. ""“To deny something, that is a very heavy insult, especially in Germany, because it is supposed to remind you of the insult ‘holocaust denier’.”"""""

    Perhaps someone should introduce this girl to David Irving, or Germar Rudolf (a german who was in prison for publishing a Scientific report about a certain camp)
    Or perhaps Walter Luftl, another german publishing a report after his research, same camp.
    Or perhaps Ernst Zundel, another german who has done his research throughout the years and spend time in prison for publishing certain things.
    Or perhaps …..
    Ah nah. That (his)story is ofcourse not to be questioned.
    Because you get labeled.

    Thats what labeling is for.

    From conspiracy theorist to flat earther, anti vaxxers, MJ still alive with Elvis on Hawaii and aliens at Roswell.
    As soon as you dare think something that is not inline with what Politicians and the media tell you, you are labeled.

    To make sure others wont even dare question it.
    And so it is pretty damn clear that NOBODY has ever asked those who wrote His-Story (the Winners write History) if they told the truth.

    As long as such holy episodes in His-story are protected by law, truth will never be allowed.

  10. This young women gave me hope for humanity. She is so smart!
    Climate alarmist choose an uneducated child with learning disability that would be easy to brainwash for their cause. So sad.

  11. If the alarmists believe so much in Greta, let's see a LIVE TV debate between Greta and Naomi on the science of AGW! Greta would go down in flames opposing this wonderfully intelligent, and properly informed young heroine of climate realists! Would that be child abuse?…. although Greta is already a victim of her own parents abuse.

  12. Naomi Seibt has the truth and the scientific facts straight in her courageous mind.
    We need more young persons who have the courage to think about the truth of all things!
    Thank you Naomi Seibt! You are a credit to Germany!
    it is good to know that the climate consensus is only 0.3%. Of course so many professors
    are afraid to contradict the government false line and lose their overpaid salaries!
    One of the greats you should also read about is Paramahansa Yogananda.

  13. Save the world. Shut up and give us your money. Don't use electricity while I use megawatts at my beach house. Don't use gasoline while I tour the world on my jet. You denier!

  14. Since the world has almost shut down and pollution in major cities is disappearing and human made CO2 is gone but atmospheric CO2 is staying the same. This means climate alarmist must be wrong because as Greta cried that we were destroying the world because of CO2. The problem is that climate alarmist really should talk about environment as we have no effect on climate. Naomi is smart and is bringing out the scientific proof not the political scam that politicians are pushing for their own agenda.

  15. Everybody knows climate change exists. Its a naturally forming occurance thats been around since the earth existed. Man has made the situation worse, but it will always exist no matter what we do!! Something thats not been mentioned much is the fact that the earth has supposedly shifted on its axis and this will almost certainly bring about the current changes we see around us thats a fact!!

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