May 14, 2021


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Tom Cruise Caught SCREAMING at Film Crew For Breaking COVID Rules | Pat Gray Unleashed

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46 thoughts on “Tom Cruise Caught SCREAMING at Film Crew For Breaking COVID Rules | Pat Gray Unleashed

  1. Doesnt surprise me, Cruise is known for not being nice. You cant make people keep to rules. No one asked for these rules and throwing hissy fits if people break them wont achieve anything

  2. Somehow I don’t believe that was him. Are we supposed to believe that whoever recorded this opened up an “audio only” recording app to record this? If I wanted to suddenly record something happening, I would do so using the quickest app poss – the video app! Don’t believe everything that they want us to believe!

  3. I hardly think that there are those in the film industry who are losing their houses, who cannot pay for their college education and who speak to insurance companies everyday due to this economic situation the governments have us in. I think he lacks a total sense of reality bc those things he was ranting about are the things normal Americans are having happen to them.

  4. The whole world has become irrstional germaphobes. Listen people the virus has a 99.97% survival rate, everyone will prob get it at some point but very few will even know it

  5. Okay, so there are rules to follow and someone isn’t following them. So, sounds to me like he’s pissed because morons aren’t following the rules. And he doesn’t want to get shutdown. Too many pansies in this world.

  6. Tom Cruise is uncool , he is stressed out , I’ve dealt with this before , he needs confronted in a very firm way that his concerns are real , but if you really care about something , you protect it , every way possible without hurting it .
    But Tom Cruise could regain his coolness if he went after the Governor of California like that !
    I’ll still watch his movies , I still like Him , he just needs to direct that fire at the right target ! Talk to Pelosi Tom , let her have it , maybe you could get her to quit politics because the voting machines somehow keep voting her in ,

  7. Its called brainwashing. What virus you know has 97.96% survival rate and makes people who don't have it psychotic and deranged? Not only scientology, but paid Liars who lost their mind decades ago.

  8. This ranting by Tom is despicable… disgusting. When talent and power go to people's head it drives them instead… and the result they treat people as inanimate things without feelings…no longer human beings. I will look at Tom's movies now with less delight

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