May 11, 2021


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4 thoughts on “Tom Tugendhat: Should Conservatives take on big business?

  1. Hang on selling council house dumped huge amount of Tax Payer money into the Housing Market !!!! Creating Housing Bubbles

    I’m a conservative by the way

    We have destroyed localism in favour of Corporate Monopoly

  2. The rules and regulations you'd put in place for entrepreneurs are quite different from those you'd put in place for multinational corporations.

    But the majority of issues people have with large corporations are to do with their societal impact on Somewhere communities. Large corporations have a very Anywhere social outlook, and will see themselves as being socially responsible because they've got a float in a pride parade whilst simultaneously making a decision that could have serious implications for the functioning of midsized to small towns.

    Modern day centre right parties will easily change their outlook to address the first issue but they are terrified of going anywhere near the second.

  3. Buying your council house put you in charge of your "own" assets ?!?!
    Biggest load of bull shit u have ever heard…. SHE is single handedly responsibie for most of this me me, greedy society today.
    I hope SHE rests in HELL !!!

  4. The answer is yes, of course. For one, Conservatives have forgotten about social conservatism which consistently undermined by big business. But it’s OK, these same businesses promote LGBTQ activism (just not when they operate in the middle east) and have a commitment to being Carbon Zero; except when they don’t.

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