September 25, 2021


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Tony Blair In Charge Of Travel Passports ✈️ Excuse ME?! ? HOW Is This Possible Boris????

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37 thoughts on “Tony Blair In Charge Of Travel Passports ✈️ Excuse ME?! ? HOW Is This Possible Boris????

  1. Wow, it seems he has found another scam eh. I am sure he can skim off the top. I have to point out the stupidity of allowing the requirement of an untested substance to be injected into people. Why are people even having the jab, are you all stupid or what? Look at what the MMR jab is still doing to lots of children, my nephew included. Why would anyone trust the government to truly care for the people, WAKE UP they don't.

  2. How this PLANdemic SCAMdemic is 100% directed by unelected PSYCHOPATHS AND SOCIOPATHS? Are humanity happy with this? THEY ARE EXTERMINATING US and we are allowing them to do it!!!

  3. Tony Blair who according to Robert David Steele’s (chaired the US investigation into pedophilia), book ‘Pedophile and Empire’ signed a one hundred year D notice to prevent information coming out in the press about the obscene perversions of his political mates. Just saying.

  4. If you read History we are on course for a revolution or maybe a civil war as from what I have seen and read we are being led and have been for at least ten years the most corrupt shower of evil politicians this country has ever had. How long before we have to “Let them eat cake” Boris is Marie Atoinette in drag.

  5. How much is he going to scam the people for this role. Keep your nose out, you screwed us over immigration, weapons of mass destruction. You've done enough damage thank you.

  6. The Queen now genocidal Tony being rolled out. Wow they really want this vax bio weapon rolled out urgently don't they.
    Do you think it's because people are waking up to their evil grip on our lives. Because the light is shining brightly and good hard working loving humans deserve so much better than this bunch of disgusting robbers.

  7. Well, that confirms it then. Vaccine – depopulation. He is not satisfied causing the death of thousands in Irak, now he is after all of us. Boris, Blair, Starmer, Hancock, all work for the same Masters.

  8. The last time Tony Blair was in charge hundreds of thousands of people died and millions were displaced from their homelands…….
    He’s a war criminal and not a leader.

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