September 25, 2021


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Tony Robbins is PROOF that PV's #ExposeCNN videos transcended MSM silence & social media censorship

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38 thoughts on “Tony Robbins is PROOF that PV's #ExposeCNN videos transcended MSM silence & social media censorship

  1. "journalists" AAARRREEE bad people. They are. They individually don't think that of themselves of course, but the hierarchical line all the way to the EDITOR, who sets WHAT and HOW something is reported, makes it so they are all complicit. They're all in a big club, on election years they push the political angle (and profit be damned), and in between they prop up people's belief in them and chase that money with scare tactics. The age of the journalist ethics is long dead. 90% of them are clickbait chasing freelancers who are paid per story and have ZERO credibility, the rest are ignorant, masters of nothing, sellout consensus workers for their political masters. How many times have we seen CNN anchors do a shocked "we don't mention Soros" face? They KNOW they are pushing lies, but they do it anyway. All of them rationalizing their own betrayal of journalistic ethics.. all the while shouting how people should respec the profession for what it stands for.

    And somewhere along the line they committed the gravest error: they wanted to become the story themselves, activists instead of observers.

  2. These aren’t good people. Knowing you are paid to deliberately manipulate people into being fearful and angry should keep you up at night. I love what Tony said about too much information and not enough wisdom. Our world can’t keep on like this.

  3. Ummm. No. The things these ppl are doing is actually destroying lives. They may be sincerely stupid. But they’re not ‘good people’ no matter how much you’d like to take the sting out of the info you’re giving.

  4. Rational people behave differently when they are afraid. They want you afraid so that you will make irrational decisions. The harshest judgements will be reserved for false leaders who signal virtue but live opposingly.

  5. We all know main stream media is not interested in truth. Weather MSM people are bad people? I leave that judgement to you. But I WILL NEVER call people who aren’t interested in truth good people.

  6. Anyone who seeks to manipulate people for profit is NOT a good person. There's millions of ways to make honest money. There's never an excuse to mislead anyone for a dollar. The only good thing that is evolving out of all the insanity of modern culture is that when the smoke clears, millions of people won't be so easy to fool. The biggest lesson to be learned is that there IS bad people hellbent from greed that will do anything for the pursuit of wealth. The REAL root to it all is the push for lowering the overall population. Elites are convinced it's up to them to protect Earth from overpopulation. Superheros may only be in comic books, but supervillains absolutely exist. Money can buy anything, including death.

  7. He's literally calling them professional liars and manipulators while simultaneously claiming they're good people. What a friggin moron. And sorry to break it to Tony, but doing something wrong because you are under the gun to make a profit doesn't magically make things right, lol.

  8. Funny thing is that CNN will and has already started pushing CC even though this PV expose/sting vid exists. It’s amazing what people will overlook to spoon feed themselves bs.

  9. These aren't good people, anyone who says that after witnessing their tactics for this many years is probably with them. The focus and the heat needs to be turned all the way up not down. Tony is talking like they're just trying to feed their families or something, which isn't the case at all.

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