March 1, 2021


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Tory MP SLAMS Woke Socialist MP’s Identity Politics

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45 thoughts on “Tory MP SLAMS Woke Socialist MP’s Identity Politics

  1. Dan is an original old type left liberal who just happens to have a different view from the most of us on this site, the new type of illiberal left loony fascists in the Labour Party and the liberal undemocrats could learn a lot off Dan in how to put your case across and still accept the view of others without being hateful and playing the racist card and being offended at every opportunity

  2. Why, if there is so much racism in USA, are the baseball, American football, basketball dominated by American-Africans. Also so many towns and cities have black mayors, prosecutors etc., when only 6% of population are black.

  3. Dand Hodgins POTUS was loved by everyone before he decided to run,this race thing is a ploy, there is no systemic racism, especially in the West, and Americans are not racist either, they voted for a half black President. Why everyne keep forgtting all the progress we have made since the 60's? UK abolished slavery, this is an attack from within on Western value and institutions to promote socialism and Marxism, because we as a free society are a threat to those elites who want to dominate the world and create a collective, just like Nazi Germany! There I said it!WAKE UP!

  4. Socialist has no more gun they want to pretend they are not racist. Originally from Singapore we are taught to respect other races and we don’t have to worry about it like in the western country. The so called racist will forever used this as an excuse to further selfish cause.


    Globally, The World Health Organization estimates that the common flu kills 290.000 to 650,000 people each year. Until the Covid 19 virus kills more than 650,000 people; it is less deadly than the common flu virus.

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    Dr Michael Levitt Professor of biochemistry at Stanford University.

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    German Network for Evidence-Based Medicine

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    Globe and Mail, 11th March 2020’

    “Strictly by the numbers, the corona virus does not register as a dire global crisis”

    ‘You don’t need to be an expert to see the causes for the concentration in Northern Italy and NYC. as Florence has about 300,000 legal Chinese immigrants taking over its manufacturing, in addition to countless illegal Chinese, who make regular and continuous trips back & forth to Wuhan. Once the outbreak in China became known, and China began complaining a few weeks later that calling it a Chinese- or Wuhan-virus was “racist,” the mayor of Florence encouraged the Italian residents of Florence to “hug a Chinese” to show support. Again, there was a constant traffic between Florence & Wuhan at that time. And Florence apparently has the second oldest population in Europe, if not in the world.’

    If you watch this video; You will understand that the virus was created in a laboratory in Wuhan China….

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  6. I moved to Scotland from Finland two years ago. I asked aload of scheme lads what they think of white privilege…let's just say they're willing to point out the hypocrisy in beautiful slang and passion.
    Thanks for your videos pointing out this nonsense.

  7. I think Mr Hodges is very naive if he thinks BLM are simply a beneficent group who care for the rights of ethnic minorities. They are far more sinister than that. They are using the race issue as a blunt yet clever device to further their neo-Marxist aims; aims completely unrelated to racial conflict. And it is for that reason that we are seeing a completely disproportionate response (from the British perspective) to the events in America. But leaving the extreme militants aside, if I was a non white person – a doctor perhaps, or a business entrepreneur of which there are legion – I would be sick to death of being patronised and stereotyped as a disadvantaged victim in British society by these condescending Wokers. It has almost reached some kind of bizarre fetish level. “I’m white but I’m in charge of your welfare whether you like it or not”. Non white people are every bit as capable of running their lives as the rest of us and to suggest otherwise is ignorant, insulting and RACIST. Oh the irony.

  8. Jesus can you just be on point please about the police, stop trying to blow smoke up there asses, there are bad especially when your in there custody, you should try it once and see what you think of them then, and its not about if you have or havent done something, they treat you like shit and the interviews are tandamount to basic interrogation tatic's you would use in war. The police in this country do unfortunately live in a bubble of their own and ofc they are going to be a pride festival etc etc all about the governments directives (if the gov said tomorrow that police where not allowed to particpate in the pride events then that would stop.) Understand that from one day to another the ethics and values of anything the gov owns can change, wish it was about cannabis (I live in hope).. 🙂

  9. Hodges' comments about racial politics in the US proves that he probably gets all of his information from two or three sources and otherwise has no clue of what he's talking about. He's just spouting off CNN bullshit because that's what he's heard.

  10. When politicians jump on the Gone with the wind bandwagon it benefits no one and just fires up tensions as gives some people a mandate to act thuggish. Police standing back and letting it happen is not a good look. Some politicians need to behave better. PS Lord Baden Powell did a lot of good for young boys and girls.

  11. The left! Is it me or has the word left been replaced by looser , they lost spectacularly in the election here and in the USA, they were so desperate to stop brexit and they failed miserably😂🤣 there only concern is how they identify and being PC apparently there neither man or woman! Poor confused beings, it’s time they realised they are not the majority so they should stop acting like they are GO AWAY loosers 😎

  12. This is a great video, I’ve just found your channel and I’m loving your sensible, calm rational and honest approach to political commentary, this is a great channel and you’re absolutely awesome 👍

    P.S. I loved Kemi’s response, she was great in this clip

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