October 17, 2021


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Trade Crypto with Flash Loans (DEFI Explained)

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24 thoughts on “Trade Crypto with Flash Loans (DEFI Explained)

  1. Scammers are getting much worse guys. They are now using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMS. They are scammers 100%. I do not have anyone who trades for me and manages others money. Be careful!

  2. 🌈<><🌈The cyrpto market has been unstable. People ask themselves if this is the right time to invest? before jumping into conclusion i think you should take a look at things first. BTC price fall means analysts remain divided over whether it is entering a bear market or is just suffering a brief correction on the road to more record highs. Investors who bought early are still in profit despite the recent price crash and they also earn by tradlng. I'm still an investor and still I'm winning by applying the same method in every trad e, you can also become a winner today. We should follow the way of earning more regardless of the current market (bulls or bears), which is tradlng. Buy the Dip and Trade…I have made over 15 btc profits not just by buying the dip but implementing tradess with s!gnals supplied by Mrs Michelle Rene Lucy. You can easily get to her on<🌈<<🌈//ͲҽӀҽցɾąʍ as[ [@ Renelucy ]//

  3. So what is your favorite flash loan provider? Have you used one? I prefer #EQZ because they were audited by Certik and have many partners. Well, I can't use it now but at least I can trade it in Kucoin. It is designed as a multi-chain marketplace for flash loans. Can't wait to test their scalability. Have you built a trading bot?

  4. What are your thoughts on fractional reserve bitcoin? Could the banks buy bitcoin and lend it out on a side chain like lightning so they would only need to hold a fraction of it essentially creating more than 21 million out of thin air? And then this would create extra supply causing the price to fall long term?

  5. DO NOT USE COINBASE!!! Coinbase Pro has 4389 of my XRP I transferred from Bybit; it shows the qty but ZERO value! They won't provided my money/value! They aren't responding to my complaint case! I can't get my money from them! Coinbase has D- rating with Better Business Bureau!

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