October 17, 2021


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$TRILLION Wealth Transfer – How You’re Getting CHEATED!!!

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41 thoughts on “$TRILLION Wealth Transfer – How You’re Getting CHEATED!!!

  1. When we talk about "collective, localized power for the people, that you can control", we're talking about Anarchy. Not anarchy in the sense of chaos and disorder, but capital 'A' Anarchy… absolute freedom of the individual as a political ideal. The indigenous people of the land I'm on now were Anarchic, and it worked for them for, oh, something like 10,000 years, at least. They fought small battles between tribes, rarely. Who doesn't fight sometimes? But then they got annihilated. So there's that issue. It seems like the entire world would have to convert, all at once, or the Anarchic areas would get subsumed or destroyed. Unless there's another way to defend from superior, aggressive forces that I'm too stupid to get? Also, we would need a new word for big 'A' Anarchy because it's too often associated with little 'a' anarchy. There are a lot of hurdles I'm seeing here, but I'm willing to try. The things worth doing are usually the hardest to do. Where do I sign up?

  2. I'm curious – why aren't there EVER any shocking headlines about "conservatives" – terrorist actions in Jan-6, consistently STILL questioning election results, anything Q-related (that's LITERALLY a cult), Texas racist voter purges, not a SINGLE word about cult daddy trump STILL parading around the country in "campaign mode" ? The republics are literally domestic terrorist – who HATE 'democrat' election results. Where's all the HONEST assessments about what's going on with that ENTIRE half of the country Russ ??

  3. Under trump gas was a dollar cheaper and sadly thats a huge blow since my divorce every penny counts! Everything's going up . Under trump it would certainly be better no mandatory vaccine. Afghanistan would have played out better and look at the border FUCK BIDEN I have a 2 yr old and 5 yr old and they will not get the vaccine maybe in 10 yrs when the long term data in. Obviously trumps a criminal they all are but he cares about the country

  4. Fantastic Commentary. honestly, I’m not saying that just because I agree with every word that’s coming from your mouth but that doesn’t hurt.

    Thank you for putting into words the frustration of many.

  5. I almost always agree with everything you say on your videos and I love how direct and honest you are!!!!!! I don’t have a solution to the problem with the inequality of pay from top to bottom, however, I know raising minimum wage drastically is not the answer. I used to own a pizzeria, so I know first hand how difficult it is to budget payroll in a small business every time minimum wage goes up. I was caught between losing employees because I couldn’t afford to pay them and losing customers because I would have to raise my prices. If these greedy fucks would lower the cost of their products, people could possibly afford to live easier if the cost of living was reasonable!!!!
    Love what you do and I hope you don’t “commit suicide” for telling the truth and speaking objectively🙏🙏🙏

  6. Wow I was certain that communism in the classical sense will probably not work.

    The ideas I had where companies being democratically run and owned by it’s employees.

    Infrastructure and other necessary things like healthcare being owned by the government again, so workers in industries where there is a conflict between morality and profit get paid well.

    And as for government making it more direct by abolishing parties and directly electing one representative for each “Landkreis” to build government. (I have not thought a lot about this , this would make the democratic process even slower. Still I am sure there are ways to solve that in a positive way)

    [In Germany our country is split into the states and “Landkreise” (somewhat like smaller states within a state, they are made up of a city and surrounding settlements)]

  7. The rich will ALWAYS oppress the un wealthy! There is no way short of outright violence to reverse this. And even then there will be some who will become wealthy and all though they were once poor will begin to acquit wealth and take advantage of the working class. A huge boycott of the entire workforce is the only thing that will make the wealthy perceive a problem. You have to make their wealth inconsequential!

  8. I dont know why anyone would think joe biden would change anything regarding wealth.

    Regarding the stats that timeframe also coincides with the ever increasing efficiency of automation which logically explains why wealth is heading to fewer and pay is reducing for most positions.

  9. Very truthfully and eloquently put. En masses we have been dumbed down to the point of arguing over irrelevant subjects whilst ignoring the big elephant in the room

  10. instead of banks people should coop 1.000 each of a group of two hundred have a new house built the person buying the house pays the house down with twenty five percent intrests not compounded just a straight percentage and if the person becomes unemployed he can actually resale the house for the amount that was put in plus what ever he owed to the coop except the intrest.

  11. "Employers expressing difficulties in filling poorly paid positions."
    Really? I wonder why.
    The truth is that people make more money in unemployment than they would make working full-time. Not only in the US, but also in the EU.
    Guess how Austrian politicians are going to solve this problem. Raise the minimum wage to a level that people can actually live on? If you think so, think again. No, they plan to lower unemployment 💶 below, and welfare 💶 far below the minimum wage. (Welfare currently is € 700,-. This has to pay rent, power, heating, food, hygiene, clothing, gas, train ticket, bus, dog food, veterinary service… Everything.)
    The slogan they chose: "Work must pay!" It's not acceptable that an unemployed person has more money in his pocket than a worker. They completely ignore that the minimum wage is the (official) subsistence level. You can't live on less in my country (except, maybe, if you're homeless).

  12. Voting is not going to make the necessary changes either. The candidates are chosen based on the good graces of the very economic powerhouses that are causing the problems in the first place. We do not have a democracy, we are living under a fascistic oligarchy. South Park got it right, between a douchebag and a turd sandwich EVERY time. Simply an illusion of choice.

  13. I no its of topic but don't you think the narrative and question upon x to 12-15yr olds and likley to get get to infants before long should be reworded to ask what human adults want to put in danger all children who take this and have them play Russian roulette just with the dangers we no of not to mention what could result in time to come for the selfishness of trying to save their own skin and if you do support that and think it's worth while what kind of person are you because I'd suggest the only PEOPLE that would think this is a great idea is the media and government pumping it out I can't see many normal people agreeing to its you or that child and saying we'll take him then and as I say if that's your choice what does that say of you as a person #changemymind

  14. The system was originally set up the way you described, Russell. A state is an independent self governing body and it is much easier to influence state governments than the massive ugly beast that is the federal government. Nowadays, though, the people have allowed the federal to take on so much power that our state governments are a joke. It was meant to be so that each state could govern how it felt was best without much meddling from the federal government. If you don’t like what is happening in your state, fight for change or move to another that is more to your liking. The federal government must be stripped of much of its power, and we need to make our economy friendlier to small businesses so the mega-corporations can actually face some competition. They mega corps must be shrunken or busted up.

  15. https://youtu.be/YnDMpu0Rx1s
    This device to test Corona virus which give results faster compared to traditional testing is being promoted by Bill Gates is It used in America if yes then is it tested. In this video he mentioned that device is used in Africa can Bill Gates be trusted he lied about his relationship with Epstein (sex trafficker) and can't give any satisfactory answer about Epstein and his body language shows that he wants to avoid question about Epstein. People like Epstein, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew who have no respect for females can they be trusted. This device which Bill Gates is promoting can be another CON in SILICON just like Elizabeth Holmes device. If it is not used in America nobody will investigate as African lives don't matter. Africans should be aware of Bill Gates and his agenda he wants to control African population so that it becomes easy for the 1% rich people of America to control and own natural resources of Africa

  16. I am a dedicated fan of Russell Brand and his effort to develop a platform for people of the world to become educated on important topics and even unite in effort to improve the world; HOWEVER, Biden really only just got the job facing the worst pandemic in 100 years and the worst economy since the GREAT RECESSION of 2009! FURTHERMORE, he–the Democrats–does not have full control of the House and Senate. The Democrat Senate majority is JUST 1, he needs a majority of 60 to 40. The House majority is 8 with 220 Democrats and 212 Republicans, they need a majority of 60. Criticizing Biden when he has his hands tied only works to destroy any chance he has of getting retarded Republicans to make the move to vote for his agenda. It does not help to criticize him when the democrats do not control the House and Senate.

  17. Review this Independent campaign for POTUS, DEAN 2024. I want to assume you havent watched Pushing Forward or the Initiative Statement on the channel Im commenting from. This absolutely is an effort to minimize govt and give the power to the people. Of course we both know the govt doesnt control anything, the ultra wealthy/corporations do. The horse and pony show is just that.

    The plan is to secure the mineral rights of our land for the prosperity of all people by first establishing user data rights, putting a metering system into all internet devices to tax data collection and offset income taxes and homestead property taxes, then use that as a model for all natural resources and fully enable UBI, free healthcare, everything.

    End dogmatic reasoning and release all historical, e.t., scientific data, etc. Forgive all non violent crime due to it being held arbitrarily, and give ability to appeal all others.

    Rewrite the law books to eliminate most laws and place the citizen at the top of the pyramid. Like what I say about biden being a fraud and supporting unions, if laws were written in favor of the citizen the corporations would have to barter for us, not the other way around.

    In attempt to prevent my assassination I implement a hemp revolution to clean the air and water and repair soil biomes, healing the environment and create a raw material and economic boom, pushing material sciences to 3-D printing using fibrous hemp resins to make lightweight building structures stronger than steel for the construction of green cities, subterranean cities and space shuttles and stations, fast forwarding us into a true Space Age which will allow the ultra wealthy to begin harvesting outer space much sooner to create the first quadrillionaires, etc. Earths resources are limited, they cant do it here. Etc, etc.

    In any event Im done watching this shit show and am risking my life to make it change. Wish us luck, sub and share to help change the World forever.

  18. A couple of points. I have zero sympathy for Americans. You lot have time and again been given a candidate that would've provided you a clear path to fully justified pay increases, free healthcare and infrastructure reform and you twice ignored him for 2 idiots. The candidate's ideas weren't even new, they're practiced in most industrialised western nations. Secondly, WHO THE FUCK NEEDS A BILLION DOLLARS? and why on Gods green Earth are they allowed to hoard such resource??

  19. I am able to access Russell,s podcasts for free on his site , some off his podcasts are still available on utube also ,, I am 77 ,, and on low pension,, but I could give a little money,, but no one uses iTunes money,, I get that for birthdays,Xmas, and gifts !!! Maybe someone could find a way for us who don’t use credit cards to help support sites like this !!!

  20. you better have a degree or two in i.t,tech,standard robotics,a.g.t,a.g.i,quantum mechanics or entry lvl a.i;as all the afore mentioned are taking over our jobs and it's on a global scale.forget about a few hundred people losing their jobs in the very near future it will become thousands of us poor bastards out on our assess and losing everything we have

  21. Very informative video. But I will to dispel the idea of equal payment to workers and chiefs as that will never happen. If someone want to accumulate more wealth or resources then they should begin some sort of business where the possibility of your income increasing is very high compared to as a worker.

  22. "I'm not talking about communism… I'm talking about collective, localised power for the people"
    So…. COMMUNISM!!
    End the thought that communism is evil and oppressive. That's what we're living in NOW.
    The systems you think of when thinking of 'communism' WERE. NOT. COMMUNISIM.
    They were state capitalism. They were the same as NOW.
    We've NEVER seen communism on a country wide scale and it's about fucking time we DO.
    Communism is stateless and classless. WE own the means of production. WE control the system, and that's how it should be.

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