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Trudeau Blames Canadians For Rising COVID Cases But Let’s Take A Closer Look

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Article above regarding Trudeau warning Canadians that COVID crisis could determine Canada’s future…

Trudeau warns Canadians to do their part to stop the spread of a virus and then blames rising cases on Canadians socializing. Unfortunately for Trudeau, many Canadians are starting to understand that it is not us who’s to blame but it is the Canadian government who has been caught recategorizing regular deaths as COVID, without testing. Along with regular deaths, in regular populations, from regular diseases…..falsely labelled as COVID without testing, the RT-PCR process (being used to determine positive cases of COVID) has also been proven to mark healthy people as positively infected in large percentages. The more testing, the more false positives, which the government is using to transfer blame onto Canadians. All citations to these claims at this added link, all from government sources.

How is it that a government can be caught reclassifying regular deaths as COVID and also be using a test, not approved to test for disease (and that generates a massive number of false positives) while the same government can stand up on national news and blame Canadians for socializing, when the unreliable test is to blame for rising cases. The majority of cases are false positives, which means the people getting labelled as positive aren’t sick and if a very small percentage were sick, it’s the same disease/infections as last year, at the same rates. The same government has also fabricated death figures, which were used to manufacture the initial weaponized fear campaign back in March as well. Without the fabricated death and positive case figures, no one in Canada would even know anything was different than last year, as our total deaths (per province and Canada wide) are actually less than the year prior and less than the year prior to that. (near bottom of this article……) 

On top of this, science has only conducted one study attempting to prove sick people could transfer their sickness to healthy people and that research proved conclusively that it was impossible for sick people to make healthy people sick. Although the spread of disease is a regular “theory” in many Hollywood films and TV shows, in the annuls of science…… is just that, an unproven theory, which can be validated at anytime……but science and medicine have refused to continue this line of research.  In short the rising cases are being purposely put in place, as a reason to remove the human rights of all Canadians, under false pretences.

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