May 14, 2021


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Trudeau funds Anti-Hate Network, Antifa-linked groups to spy on Canadians

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36 thoughts on “Trudeau funds Anti-Hate Network, Antifa-linked groups to spy on Canadians

  1. for anybody who had read solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago, do you recognize the creation of Canada's own Blue Caps and checkists in this funding of antifa snitches?

  2. We all must band together to stop this tyranny. We need organizers to save our children from slavery. They will live a living hell on earth. Someone must know how to stop this tyranny and corruption against humanity.

  3. The Trudeau government is practising methods used by the CCP to monitor private citizens without them knowing it.
    It is reprehensible that he is using tax payers money to do this to people who disagree with his government and is tinged with a communist type system of threatening legitimate private organizations.
    This is reason enough to insist on an investigation by the RCMP for criminal charges of harrassment to towards individuals effected by these government contracts.

  4. Anyone notice that the only place in Canada where systemic racism is promoted, is withing the three levels of government? The groups mentioned above are prime examples.

  5. Being under zuckerberg spell, I can not comment on groups on Facebook for my 9th ban at the moment. so far I was banned = 24 hours, 2 days, 7 days , blocked on private message, 3 times for 30 days…

  6. So they can not find a real hate crime to show and they decide to pay money to fake it and then to show a fake crime because there is no racism?

  7. This blows my mind . Canadians are the most tolerant people on the planet . This kind of Trudeau's Castro genes what complete control on how we think and express ourselves . Big brother is here watching you now!!

  8. YOU ARE WORTH $2000 "CERB" I AM WORTH $1255.60 WHY BECAUSE I AM DISABLED . THIS IS CANADA"S EQUALITY LOL LETS DO SIMPLE MATH……… $2000 – $1255.60 = $744 so i have to beg for $744 EACH MONTH JUST TO BE LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. All spending of tax PAYER dollars need to be approved by the two major Party's, ago,ish coalitions, the system is corrupt broke and needs to be fixed, it's had a 150 and the flaws are really starting to show.

  10. The monitoring of extreme-right groups eh? How about the monitoring of extreme-left groups activities, such as the federal liberal party? Oh wait the opposition tried to do that with the WE scandal and got shut down

  11. Yet I can turn on the TV at anytime of the day and watch people get killed , raped , stabbed. Teachers making meth in a lab. Zombies getting their heads cut off in vivid graphic detail. Bike gangs selling dope and killing people.
    Yup all the fake hate the left see's everywhere is the problem. These people are insanely stupid.

  12. Sheer done the same with bernier …
    who is surprise a trudeau will make the dept bigger … soon its gonna be the army in the street and people send to these camp without see a judge there still around 500 hundred from is dad even when RCMP admit they plant these bomb by order of is father …..

  13. I'm so dam sick of hearing the name Justin Trudeau it's absolutely poison there is nothing positive coming from his existence he's done nothing good for Canadians I really really don't understand how this circus show is being allowed to continue there is so much dirt on him rebel you should send all this information to parliament so they can call Trudeau out on all these corrupt doings it's absolutely disgusting that this is all going in the same cycle over and over.

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