May 12, 2021


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Trudeau government creating racialized 'inventory' of hires; "That's racist!" says Ezra Levant

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43 thoughts on “Trudeau government creating racialized 'inventory' of hires; "That's racist!" says Ezra Levant

  1. ITS funny how you fascists never criticise Trump , White privilege is not excepted in this country , Ezra go back to the USA, The laughing Natzi persona is annoying but Trump loves it!

  2. We are overwhelmed with very stupid people,here,in Canada. They just love these idiots in charge. I build logging roads in bc. We are all white men because nobody else can do what we do. It’s rare to see a minority on the lead hoe in side slope over 100%.

  3. This is not racist but fascist. They create this racist system of “quotas” and will shut you down if you disagree.
    Still JT is a baby compared with the American Democrats. They don’t even pretend anymore. They are openly fascists. What’s left is to put on the black uniform with a skull and a pair of bones. I’m sure the have it ready.

  4. What a self centered , self serving biased corrupt fiasco of a government canadians are dealing with right now. But his supporters who most are government union twits who are scared of losing there redundent useless position, our countrys going down fast with that idiot trudeau steaming full speed ahead into an economic iceberg.

  5. The ran an article about an incident and at the end was a link to MORE stories of examples of racism against blacks. A whole new section of inciteful articles to create even more division…how is this possible in Cantifa? Oh… think it's time to defund the CBC?

  6. We’ve known for years what Trudeau is and Canadians elected him twice . He is doing what any low iq , narcissistic , rich , entitled , buffoon would do in in these circumstances . Canadians are to blame for what he’s doing to our country , Trudeau is just doing what he’s done his entire life . If you’ve had enough vote him out …please .

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