September 25, 2021


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Trudeau's elections commissioner CONVICTS Ezra Levant a second time for writing an “illegal book”

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23 thoughts on “Trudeau's elections commissioner CONVICTS Ezra Levant a second time for writing an “illegal book”

  1. You are misrepresenting this whole affair by framing it as censorship when it was clearly about electioneering (signs on lawns during campaign). If anyone takes the time to read the decision by the Chief electoral officer they will see that it was clearly an administrative violation, not targeted at you personally. Suck it up and do some real journalism.

  2. If an election is expected to be called in the next few weeks, maybe right now would be a good time to re-issue a special edition hardcover copy of it. If it's announced BEFORE the writ is dropped, then it would be being put up outside of any election period and therefore not aligned with the timing of an election…

  3. These two ex-RCMP officers have thrown whatever honourable service they gave to Canadians as members of the RCMP under the treads of a totalitarian tank, and I do hope that they feel shame for this ugly performance which shows that they never really understood what Canada is about and should never have been in the ranks of the RCMP. In listening to their attempts to manipulate, justify, distort and evade I actually felt fear of the Canadian government which clearly has become a predator at the expense of decency and individual liberty.

  4. The worst part is these individual players in all this are all known to their family for what they actually do? The family should realize that every freedom taken away from the rest of us will happen to them because very few people at the top ever stay there just because your parents were sellouts doesn't mean you have to be! What a Sad State this country and world is in.

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