April 20, 2021


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Trudeau's Throne Speech is not a Made-In-Canada plan

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24 thoughts on “Trudeau's Throne Speech is not a Made-In-Canada plan

  1. Lol, build back better! Is that robot for " need… new… spine!"

    UDHR Art 6 on bioethics peeps!

    Pssst… Vaccine Whistleblower and Plague of corruption books. Maybe get an Annotated criminal code from a good used book store!

  2. That very old man, lord voldemort is already dying. The nearer he got to his last breath the most desperate and lunacies came out to push his agenda worldwide. Win or destruct, all hell lets loose.
    What else, these all can be explained only from that kind of motivation.

  3. 2:01 He IS pitting you people against each other and you're falling for it, just like Americans did under Obama, who made EVERY race issue just a little worse every time he opened his mouth.
    One example: letting that nincompoopery BLM paint their ridiculous murals in your Chinatown – without Chinatown's agreement or even knowledge.

  4. Politics are completely bizarre in the west. It's analogous to the victim complex phenomenon and mass, psychopathology. In the absence of real problems, it's in our nature to manifest our own.

  5. Build better back bacon….nah it's already good. Build-A-Butter- Bear- Interesting concept- but how to get those cute outfits on?
    Back Your Better Brother- makes sense- Butter up your builder better- Yup- Betcha By Golly Wow- The Stylistics

  6. anyone trying to mandatory vaccine me is going to get knocked down. Everyone who is worried about a virus with a death rate weaker than the flu is themselves a terrorist sympathizer/idiot with an IQ so weak they can't gather their own information.

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