March 3, 2021


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True Crime Story: Was Charles Manson Born To Kill? (Psychopath Documentary) | Real Stories

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39 thoughts on “True Crime Story: Was Charles Manson Born To Kill? (Psychopath Documentary) | Real Stories

  1. I have to watch this and answer questions about it for my criminal justice class. fun fun fun. psychopaths are an interesting topic, I must admit. I have an interest in criminal psychology too, it's what I want to be when I'm an adult

  2. True crime? Lol.. they control what you think and how you think. The media is a script.. you are in a movie they make without even knowing. They control the information and they give you what they want you to believe. Hegelian dialectic. .why is your name in CAPITAL LETTERS on your driver's licence? Everything you own is theirs, you believe in a virus that has a 0.03% death rate

  3. He would’ve made an amazing lawyer! Watching his interviews, I can really see how people were put under a spell by him. Especially those 20 year olds who are influenced easily! His personality, storytelling, the way he put thoughts and words together makes him very believable and charming! Too bad he wasted that gift of gab and charm on convincing his cult members to murder for him! Terrible. RIP to all the victims🙏

  4. Manson and his dingbat women weren't interested in seeking God. Manson favored the idea of being a "god" himself. And the best he could do was killing. It was his hobby. That's what he stood for. That's what he enjoyed.
    Manson didn't have a good upbring or childhood. He likely was bitter and angry about that. People who are angry and bitter want to lash out and hurt others. And harboring anger and bitterness for long periods of time invites demons into a person's life. Manson wasn't interested in getting forgiveness or help from Jesus Christ. He just wanted to kill and hurt people.
    Not everyone is ever completely right. Not Scientists, or doctors, or anyone. Humans are by nature – sinners. It means they err and do wrong things. They plot evil in their minds and hurt others. This is why we really can't honestly say we are a "good person". I'm a follower of Christ and even I don't get everything right. I try. This is why Jesus died on the cross for us 2500 years ago. He laid His own life down so that we can be forgiven of our sins and not have to face the penalty of sin. If we seek and call on Him and surrender our entire lives over to His care, we will live forever with Him.
    Take a look at the first Commandment God gave us. It shows us that God wants and expects to have a personal relationship with each one of us.

  5. Im going to get hate for this but whatever but I truly think this could have been avoided but the system failed not only manson but the other members of this cult because they went through so much trauma and that messes with a person and if mental health was known and taken seriously back then then I really think this could have been avoided also charles was apparently diagnosed with schizophrenia but I dont think he had that I think he was just smart and was just acting the way he was to avoid reality

  6. This is really interesting
    Thanks for uploading
    I’ve only ever heard the story from the cult aspect or a bit about the ladies who were part of it.
    None of his back story in previous documentaries

  7. Honestly Charles without the beard looked pretty good. With his ability to manipulate it's not shocking that he was able to order his followers to do such evil deeds. Of course in 2020 if he tried Tinder he would totally have no luck because of all of the height queens.

  8. Manson wasn't a puppeteer, he was a leader. He just brought forth what was already inside all of those people – pain, hate, resentment, evil…
    Modern society, never forget the women in his "family" and what they did.

  9. Charles Manson was a colossal coward. He wouldn't commit the murders himself. He had others commit the murders for him. He was one criminal who definitely should've been executed, but unfortunately, the death penalty was declared unconstitutional.

  10. Private part. They pit fear among yu make yu beg to god as they tlrture yu sedate uu and possess yu then awakwn yu and control yhe mind and hold yur spul randsome. Its so demonic. I sirvived

  11. Frykowski was a substantial drug dealer. The real story has been subverted to fit Bugliosi’s naritive. Bugliosi made up Helter Skelter.THE whole thing was about drugs. Manson tried to tell several people, it was a drug issue, I have seen a Tom Snyder interview on YouTube where Manson is trying to tell the real story

  12. With so much on his record as a youth in regards to rape and psychiatric issues and treatment I wonder why they didn’t know the unstable insane route in court? Then again Manson has claimed they never even gave him a trial.

  13. Never convicted of killing anyone. Accessory? Yes. Would have ended up spending most of his life in prison anyways? Very likely, but was never convicted of personally killing any of The Family's victims but still did life for them. As bad as he was, he's still an example of a flawed system.

  14. We are all followers, it’s the sociopaths that take advantage of it, whether a ceo, or a priest, like all across Canada in native schools, or political leaders… or murderers and cult leaders.
    That’s why murder laws take your life away, to deter people like this to murder, it really sucks to get caught! That would deter anybody, well almost.

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