25 thoughts on “Trump Dons Mask to Visit Wounded US Troops at Military Hospital”
  1. How many of my comments telling VOA to stop taking stolen tax to undermine the President and others and tell lies about how great all other pedo's are taken down yet all of these ugly liberal racists comments stick. They are the enemy of America. All dirty violent racist George Floyd liberal minds. Now go take your ounce of fentanyl to praise the felon floyd.

  2. The wounded wouldn't be wounded, and there would be no one for the president to use for a photo op, in order to help his tanking poll numbers. So our worse than useless corrupt president kept our military engaged in endless wars based on lies for the last 3.5 years to use the wounded for a photo op to improve his sinking poll numbers.

  3. Trump is finally wearing a mask. 7 months into the pandemic, Don the con starts to tell his followers wearing a mask is OK. This is like watching a train crash in slow motion. This administration is such a dumpster fire.

  4. Trump walks looking deeply defeated, fearing his image is now forever tarnished in the view of his cult followers who think he's a God and is immune to the virus that only negatively effects 1% that test positive. After his bunker boy hiding episode, and now this, he'll be wanting to grab himself because he's both a star, and a big pussy. He'll have to be careful though, where he grabs himself, because he never knows where bone spurs may be lurking next.

  5. News Flash!! Trump wears a black mask, to match his heart, and the viscous bitumen that flows through his veins.
    Why? Because he's ever conscious of his image, and wants to be color coordinated.

    1. He had to wear a mask because he would not be able to enter the hospital.
    2. He did it for the ratings and the optics(remember that Bible photo-op?).
    In a desperate effort to increase his poll numbers and his "tv ratings:..
    3. We should only believe him and his mask if he makes it a FEDERAL POLICY that everyone ought to wear masks for protection and limitation of viral spread..but I do not think he is capable or wsnts to do that!

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