May 14, 2021


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Trump Gets In Front of Cameras With Message Everyone Needs to See… Especially Liberals

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47 thoughts on “Trump Gets In Front of Cameras With Message Everyone Needs to See… Especially Liberals

  1. Is it just me or is he the only president that never aged bc of the presidency. Talk about handling pressure, especially when the est was against you the entire time, never gave that man a break.

  2. POTUS Donald J Trump 2020 Thank You Lord for exposing and overturning the enemy – suddenly you shot them down – All the Lies were exposed – the reign of snakes is over it will soon be visible to everyone

  3. Trump let us down bigly.
    1) he didn't lock her up.
    2) he grew the swamp.
    3) fake news made legal by Obama with the Modernization act making it legal to push propaganda on US citizens. He could have undid that.
    3) removed liability from big pharma to kill most of us off
    4) controlled opposition

  4. 2:41
    Most of that money is being given to other countries. Lockup everyone that supported that white collar crime!!!

  5. 4:31 to 4:39 This is a very real and serious problem for Democrats and the Left. And it is so very unfortunate.

    God bless you and the first family, sir. President Donald J. Trump legitimately, and in a landslide fashion, WON the 2020 Presidential election.

  6. Love this President, hes been rockin and rolling in the face of craziness. He is truly a hero! God bless President Donald Trump 🙏!

  7. This plandemic was forced upon him to deal with. Never has any other president, besides Lincoln maybe, had to deal with so much scrutiny He couldn’t just run the country. Imagine if all he had to worry about was doing his job. How much more would he have accomplished?

  8. Turns out being a pathological liar and starting hundreds of wars will age you horribly, ask Obama Bush many more…. I think it added decades on to biden when he was under Obama

  9. Like or hate him, and even though he sometimes embellishes, there is NO doubt he has taken more action against the CCP than ANY republicans or democrats ever did. Trump is a president FOR the American people. Even there were times he could have made better decisions, he was still more effective than any other president I can remember. Republicans and democrats sold us out to the CCP for decades. We really NEED another 4 years with Trump.

  10. You've come a long way MR. POTUS! GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND GOD BLESS YOU!



  11. If President Trump is not allowed, by virtue of his win in 2020, to remain the president, the people of this Republic MUST RISE UP and make the necessary correction! We cannot afford to have our Republic dismantled by the EVIL doings of Demon-cRats!

  12. Lies…. lol. Operation warp speed did not fund the vaccine at all. BioNTech recieved money from Germany which is a company thats under the Pfizer brand. BioNTech recieved around 500 million from German government. Pfizer even said they recieved no funding from US government. And here he is spouting off lies on what he did… nope. Disgusting.

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