June 14, 2021


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35 thoughts on “?? Trump Is Back ?? 1st Speech Highlights ? Lefties Minds Explode ? Joe Biden @ Care Home ?

  1. I'm always quite suspect about Biden videos as in have they been edited /tampered with? I know he has a stutter condition so that should not affect his rationale๐Ÿ

  2. The majority of Politically minded Americans did not vote for Biden. The democrats "voter harvested" collecting the postal votes of those who wouldn't have even bothered voting. This is how Biden achieved a 95% turnout and became the most popular President in history. Yes this child sniffing incoherent bumbling fool is already destroying American jobs. He is loved in China which tells us everything we need to know. Now the majority of Americans will see just how good a President Trump was. Trump 2024!

  3. It's disgraceful how the democratic party have exploited joe biden when he should be retired from public duties due to physical and mental health issues

  4. Yesterday I was reminded of the scene in one of the Star Wars films where Obi Wan Kanobi is fighting Darth Vader and he says "Cut me down and I shall come back more powerful than you can imagine" (might not be exact quite, but near enough), and thought "That's what's happening with Trump". His supporters know they were cheated and even around 30% of Democrats do.

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