February 26, 2021


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Trump Supporters Who Stormed Capitol Building are Protestors, NOT Terrorists or Insurrectionists

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Media and Politicians have spent the last seven months telling us that BLM riots which have included private and public property damage in dozens of cities is …


33 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Who Stormed Capitol Building are Protestors, NOT Terrorists or Insurrectionists

  1. A Strawman Argument is the Fallacious attempt to argue against an argument, A, presented by others.
    But instead of arguing against argument A, they fabricate a different, weaker argument, B, and then argue against argument B.
    In doing so, they fail to address argument A, at all.

    Who HIDES Evidence?!!! CRIMINALS Hide Evidence!!!

    President Trump wants people to do the right thing.
    He gives people the opportunity to do the right thing.
    When people don't do the right thing, Trump gives them another opportunity to do the right thing.
    Trump has provided everyone multiple opportunities to do the right thing.

    A longstanding goal of the Trump Presidency has been to determine who is corrupt and who is not, who is a member of the illegal coup and who is not.
    The events of Jan 6, 2021, served to reveal who in the houses are the traitors to the Constitution and who are the patriots.

    Fools pay lip service to the Constitution, but fail to comprehend both its importance and SUPREMACY governing events in the nation.
    Evidence was presented that the attempted elections in AZ, GA, MI, PA and WS were done under rules that violated the US Constitution.
    The Constitution clearly mandates whom and only whom can make to laws and rules that govern an election: the state legislatures.
    However, contrary to the law of the land, governors, state judiciary and unelected bureaucrats such as state secretaries CHANGED and OVERULED these laws mandated by the state legislatures, mandated by the Constitution.

    The members of the house have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution.
    Those that voted to certify the results of a illegal election failed to uphold their oath, and will be dealt with.
    Only those that objected to the clear perversion of US Constitutional LAW demonstrated their patriotism.

    As you know, that which is certified CAN be de-certified.
    There is precedent.
    1960 Nixon vs JFK. Hawaii certified its electors but then found evidence that they certified the wrong electors.
    So the president of the Senate, ironically Richard Nixon, chose to de-certify the Hawaiian slate of electors (favoring him) and replace them with another (favoring Kennedy).

    The more perceptive among you will have noticed that I haven't yet mentioned fraud.
    I haven't had to.

    To determine the patriotism of the members of the house, all one need to is demonstrate their rejection of the laws mandated by the Constitution and support of that which is unconstitutional.

    Fraud is that which is facilitated by and results from an illegal election.
    And only an idiot is unaware of the many instances of blatant fraud documented in the 2020 presidential election.
    Most people ARE fully aware of the fraud, but their lack of personal integrity and the inherent dishonesty, that follows from a lack a integrity, allows them to lie about what they know.
    Now, there are those that embrace comforting lies, and there are those that seek truth no matter how unattractive that truth is.
    There are those that embrace illusion and there are those that seek to understand reality, wielding logic and recognizing evidence.
    Only those that embrace reality are able to admit to recognizing widespread fraud.

    This is not over. Some people have not done the right thing.
    In the next two weeks, information, some previously classified, will be revealed, demonstrating the crimes against the state and crimes against humanity.

    Things to watch for:

    The full DNI report that was due, Dec 18, 2020, 45 days after the election, but has been delayed by the CIA Deep State dragging their feet.
    Hint: the initial report found voting irregularities and evidence of foreign and domestic interference.

    The 2018 Executive Order: EO 13848. Imposing certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference in the United States election.

    The Repeal of Section 230, making big tech big public utilities.

    Supreme Court challenges.

    Military Tribunals.

  2. The former NYC Police Commissioner estimated a one million peaceful demonstration while Big Tech Media reports there were only 50,000 attendance!!!. Ha. Ha. Ha. The peaceful protest of demonstrators were waved in by the police on to the Capital grounds, so the demonstrators naturally moved forward. BLM and ANTIFA demonstrators are an example of violent rioters that occupy, loot and destroy property., This will be censored and shadow banned by the convoluted geeks of the controlled Big tech Media. FU Geeks

  3. Thank you fine sir, I salute you! You are a patriot of the highest order. I still remember you were the only reporter with the balls to report on the actual 100% truths of PizzaGate. May God bless you always!

  4. BLM and others broke into the same building during the Kavanaugh hearings. That was not a big deal. Yet in the recent case with people they don't like… Ilhan Omar stated they were armed terrorists. Wrong on both counts. 1) No one other than guards was armed. 2) They were not terrorists.

  5. The Earth is a farm and we are all someone else's property. Charles Fort – The Damned……..They only tell you every vote counts because in reality it really does not. 75-100 million hopefully woke up this reality.

  6. Uh the term 'Trump Supporters' is from the MSM .. they were actors mucking things up let in by the police to perform their bullshit ..Lefties in Trump hats sporting Trump flags ….nice purple jacket .. says it all ..

  7. Huh? Military greets fact bearing BLM protests @ Lafayette Park. At Capitol, weakness, comraderie greets many clueless insurrectionists egged on by Trump & friends.

    Guess it depends on what you look like.

  8. Im sorry Ben, but i have to disagree.

    The media have tried to legitimize BLM riots and create a double standard, you are absolutely right about that.

    But the people who stormed the capitol did not do so for the purpose of causing damage — they did so to physically restrain members of Congress and stop the elector process. How else should they have interpreted Trump’s fiery speech?

    Even considering the massive voter fraud, we cannot dismiss the intent of some of the infiltrators, which included people armed with guns and zip ties.

    Many of them even called their actions a revolution, which is equivalent to insurrection. They did not come anywhere close to succeeding, but that doesn’t matter. We can blame the media, tech giants and Dems all we want – and they deserve blame – but we also have to blame Trump and ourselves for allowing this situation to be hijacked by a crazy mob.

    And because of their actions, these irrational people gave the media, big tech and the govt the cause they need to clamp down on our rights in the future.

    Words matter, but actions matter more. Whether caused by BLM or MAGA, political violence only helps the other side gain power. That’s the most important message we should be sending.

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