April 10, 2021


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Trump Was Wrong on Reopening Economy and Schools: Cuomo

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Trump Was Wrong on Reopening Economy and Schools: Cuomo

Jul.13 — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says schools should reopen based on data. He says President Donald Trump was wrong when it came to reopening economies after coronavirus and he’s now wrong when it comes to reopening schools. Cuomo spoke to reporters in New York.


23 thoughts on “Trump Was Wrong on Reopening Economy and Schools: Cuomo

  1. This was the same day Cuomo said to reopen schools https://youtu.be/qZynNxbJUpg stop being so scared people, the media tells you this is soooo bad but what they don't tell you is that 98% of people that get this recover just fine btw I told Cuomo 2 weeks before he did to shut New York down but he wouldn't listen and now it's spread across the nation. I don't believe any of these leaders that get paid while "We The People" suffer with no money to feed our families!
    What none of these media outlets tell you is that there's a war going on right now that we don't see because bullets aren't flying. Our economy is on the rise, I'm not gonna ruin that over a virus that has a 98% recovery rate, there's allot worse diseases that we get just from our food we buy in the stores so why isn't Monsanto under fire? That's right, this black man knows the real deal behind Monsanto so where's the focus on this group that poisons our food all with the funds of tax payers and then we have to buy the food, you senators are pulling in allot of money aren't you? Besides your over paid checks you get those under the table millions from these company's. Example A, zantac was approved by the FDA long ago all the while knowing it had cancer causing agents in it but they paid the money so they got placed on our store shelves and then they decided to stop paying that money and now it's all over the commercials on TV about a lawsuit against zantac but they knew about this from day one but again money is more important than "We The People"! Democrat,, Republican,, All full of crap!! EQUALLY!!

  2. New York is going to have to keep our economy afloat while the rest of the nation closes down again. Kudos to Cuomo for actually looking at the data.

  3. Look at the data! Look at the thumbs down! What an arrogant man. Trump did nothing for NY? Another lying dem POS. mini-mario was late on closing, weeks counted, that is a fact. Stick that data in your powerpoint.

  4. "Study from the New England Journal of Medicine Shows the Only Reason for Keeping Children Home from School is Politics" 13 July 2020
    QUOTE: “[E]ven if children do get infected, they are less likely to transmit the disease to others than adults. We have not found a single instance of a child infecting parents.“
    Alasdair Munro
    Jul 2, 2020
    Replying to @apsmunro
    Small numbers, but some early lessons:
    -Kids/teachers can catch #SARSCoV2 in school
    -Transmission appears mostly rare
    -Teenagers may be higher risk for transmitting (consistent with evidence of higher case loads, plus lots of close social mixing)
    What else to consider?
    Profile photo, opens profile page on Twitter in a new tab
    Alasdair Munro
    First, there is almost no controversy that children's safety is not the concern from being in school
    Their risks of becoming infected and severely unwell are incredibly low (even accounting for the extremely rare hyperinflammatory syndrome)

  5. Every Governor seems to be so willing to put the blame on President Trump, even though it was left up the each Governor as to when to open. If the Governors had followed the suggest plan from the President's medical advisors instead of rushing to open, which was 2 weeks of decline in phases, we would not have the problems that we now have to deal with. But since many of the Governors did not close down their states when the President's medical advisors recommended them to do so we had a crisis to deal with.

  6. Trump Was Wrong on Reopening Economy and Schools?..Only if you forget that the pandemic is making the orange clown and all the clowns in the tiny car billions thanks to de-regulation.

  7. Cuomo: And I was wrong about inadvertently killing thousands of seniors by allowing COVID positive patients into nursing homes. I also screamed for more ventilators which also killed people because it was 1000% the wrong way to treat folks with COVID.

    Note: I freaking cannot stand Trump but Cuomo is a complete P.O.S.

  8. WHY ISN'T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT THE MOST DANGEROUS TRANSMISSION POINT FOR CHILDREN (or anyone) IN SCHOOLS OR IN PUBLIC? > * * THE BATHROOMS * * < THE VIRUS FILLED, AEROSOLED POOP SPREADS EVERYTIME A TOILET IS FLUSHED! There's no lid to close in public bathrooms. Everything gets contaminated…toilet paper, tissue seat covers, everything you touch, all the air you breath or get your eyes exposed to. It floats aerosolized for hours on end, or worse yet, if there happens to be an conditioning system, it gets sucked in and circulated through out the rest of the building. Remember what happened on the cruise ships? Visiting a public bathroom is worse than walking along an open sewage ditch in a 3rd world country even if someone wipes down the door knobs a couple times a day. It's laughable that will mitigate much or for more than a few minutes. WE MUST FIX THIS BEFORE SCHOOLS OPEN UP! Outdoor, toilet lid installed, gently flushing, Honeybucket outhouses with open ceilings and breathable, privacy screen walls would be a HUGE improvement. Does anyone one else have any good ideas?

  9. Always remember that the people are the only ones who can bring about a change. For evil (and utter stupidity ) to flourish, it only needs good men (and women!!) to do nothing.

  10. No offense Gov. I'm no Trump fan to be sure but you are so full of BS I had to say something. You encouraged people to go out and protest in mass. You facilitated, excused and legitimized riots, destruction and death. Heck your brother even went a step farther saying this is how it should be done. Yet people trying to make a living or wanting to go out for a burger with their family is the reason for the spread? You're a hypocrite, lying, deceitful SOB. You don't care about the people of NY, you just want to politicize everything for power and your party's narrative. You're a disgusting human being plane and simple. Ok my rant is over, I feel better now.

  11. Good to see our great Governor. Glad that he and his team can take some time off–the briefing – although not work. Great job in flattening the curve and maintaining a firm steady hold in NY. Can't wait to purchase the new postage – what creativity. God bless the Governor & his team. Thankful & grateful.

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