May 8, 2021


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TRUMP WILL ABSOLUTELY WIN 2020! | Gavin McInnes Guests | Louder with Crowder

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45 thoughts on “TRUMP WILL ABSOLUTELY WIN 2020! | Gavin McInnes Guests | Louder with Crowder

  1. Unfortunately after he wins the war will start then they will asasinate him with the new strain the plans have been in the works do not be surprised if you see this message i doubt you will but after people lose hope they will attack the plans have been in the making everything that has been happening has been aloud to happen

  2. It's so crazy watching this for the first time in July of 2020. 4 months ago, Steven is talking about Trump winning by a landslide, baring something completely unforeseen.
    Insert Pandemic and Race War

  3. It will be July in 1 more day and we have not seen Biden in a while, im 100% sure he has full blown dementia by now I have no idea what they are planning once the debates start, they must be planning with the CIA for an assassination, there is no way he can debate, if he does it's an automatic loss.

  4. Who else is capable of the job at this point….I say a couple of future candidates in 2024 would be Judge jenine and Candice Owns Farmer.
    I for one worry after seeing Trump get neutered by the Covid Clan.
    Jesus Reigns.
    My personal democrate favorite is how they all unanimously agree Transgenderr males have the right to 9 month abortions.

  5. I’m a rancher in Texas that voted for trump because I didn’t like Hillary like any normal red blooded American. But realized my mistake rather quickly. Trump lies and brags about himself covers up and hides witnesses and evidence when authorities come calling. He’s obviously covering up there are a half dozen people already in prison for protecting him. He’s a criminal and has failed America. I know lots of farmers and ranchers that voted for him that won’t be next election.

  6. Ignoring that the majority of presidents since JFK served two terms, Ignoring the great things Trump has done for the economy, Ignoring that the two main democratic candidates are alienating everyone but the furthest left of their party, Trump is likely to take the presidency when the Democratic candidate gets diagnosed with Dementia and drops out.

  7. I've had Black Rifle Coffee delivered to my house every three weeks for the last three years. It's budgeted into my life, and very worth it.

    I love the Midnight Cowboy skit!

  8. I don't deserve the Black Rifle coffee. If I get it I'm giving I to my dad to bring to his unit. He's an Army Chaplain and I'll tell him to give it to the suicidal soldiers that he counsels or the families that he visits to tell them that their sons were K.I.A. Thanks for an awesome show! Don't let YT's demonitization demotivate you Crowder!

  9. Chowder, you concern me…….
    You appear to be a strong supporter of McInnes – the FOUNDER of a group to whom he has made MULTIPLE CALLS TO ACTION of violence.
    Are You A Member Of The Proud Boys, Too??

  10. Prostitution should be legal!
    Also women having sex to get ahead in the workplace is horrible for men use them for, but women should keep those positions they got from sex.

  11. I'm living with my parents, they are in their 70's, so I have to help out with a lot of stuff. I'm my father's caregiver. He had decompressive laminectomy surgery at the VA and even though he's much better, I still have to kinda play nurse with him. I don't love it, but he's my dad, of course I'm going to do it. He's been the best dad a guy could ask for, all my friends growing up were almost jealous I had such a cool dad. He's a veteran of the Vietnam war. Every morning I have to get him out of bed, I take him his meds, empty his catheter bag, bring him water and coffee. I'd love to surprise him with black rifle coffee one morning.

    edit: lol, I just realized since I'm playing catch up, this is a couple weeks old and I'm probably too late. Oh well, I'll might have to just splurge anyway.

  12. Midnight Cowboy was the reference to the intro with Harry Nilsson singing the song, "Everybody's Talking 'Bout Me".

    Last election I didn't think Trump stood a chance because of the lies fed to me by the mainstream media but this year I'm quite confident he'll steam roll in a massive win.

  13. I covet your huge sack… of Black Rifle coffee. I mean, I'm gonna follow socialist doctrine here in saying: what's yours is mine lol. That and I covet Quarter Black's hip skills 😛.

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