May 14, 2021


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Trump’s Response to COVID-19 Relief Bill Causes Internet to Absolutely EXPLODE

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32 thoughts on “Trump’s Response to COVID-19 Relief Bill Causes Internet to Absolutely EXPLODE

  1. All that money sent overseas gets laundered in foreign countries by the corrupt government and returned back to those who pushed the bill . They all get a big cut .

  2. Only Trump ever cared about the people, Biden has lied for years and has
    only ever helped his family economically the democrat's openly lie
    regularly with out shame and have been ever since Obama (remember
    closing gitmo and ending the wars under Obama? ) Trump was ending the
    wars, he was the one who wanted to give the people the 2,000.00 in the
    first place. Now that hes gone no one in this government will ever give a
    dime to the common man again, they have no problem giving trillions to
    special interest groups , but look at the look on their faces when they
    talk about giving money to the common man, its a look of disgust. Where
    as Trump always had a smile and joked when he interacted with the common
    man. though out his life you could always tell Trump enjoyed
    interacting with every day people, and I only saw that look of disgust
    in Trumps face when he was dealing with corrupted celebrity's and

  3. Stop it there are one million covid infected illegals coming by summer to spread thru out the country now how you going to feed clothe house them give the covid vaccines hospital beds ventilators and they are coming for in school learning or Free laptops to sell and jobs which there aren't any. CHEER UP THINGS WILL GET WORSE

  4. These data are altered the data of deaths are not reliable, it is misrepresented by the media, these are a group of very powerful people to obtain the first power that is the United States, but people are beginning to realize everything.

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