October 23, 2021


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TWITTER BANNED ME FOR WHAT⁉️ The Purge 2021 – full movie (jk it’s a stream)

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21 thoughts on “TWITTER BANNED ME FOR WHAT⁉️ The Purge 2021 – full movie (jk it’s a stream)

  1. The solutions are simple once we shift the fundamental cores of this society:

    1. Sustainable Biomimicked Technology & Sciences.

    2. Permaculture.

    There's no need to lambast and meddle with the distortion once we see think & act through things in a Nuanced & First Principles rhythm.

  2. Germans should not drink alcohol.woman and men alike should jog, or lift weights and should be fit. Train with weights. Americans are gonna need germans help if our government chooses to take away our rights.

  3. Ss soldiers of germany. We're gonna need your service soon. 100 percent germans your elite. Young and old. We're gonna need you in america. There are so many like you here. Germans get in shape, lift weights.

  4. I wish you would make a video everyday. I'm austrian and german and proud of my heritage. Us germans are honest , and very opinionated. Thats what makes us who we are. If people only knew the news is opinionated and based on facts of social media numbers. The world can't except out truths. Don't try to appeal the United States, or canada. Europeans are a step ahead of america, and australia, asia and every country. You know what your talking about . I enjoy when you talk, thank God for you. Thanks

  5. Apparently my notification bell was turned off by YouTube? At least they didn't unsubscribe me?
    It was great to see you live on AdamCast IRL just now, so sorry to hear about the troubling times you've been experiencing.
    I implore you to please continue on your path as a good person proactively perpetuating positivity on Earth.
    If we continue to do our individual parts we will surely correct the path of our misguided zeitgeist.

  6. Plugged your name in on Parler & Gab, came up with nothing. Your Telegram page did come up, but, may I suggest, you also do a Telegram channel in English since I'm too old & haven't enough years left to learn German. Thanks.

  7. Twitter hat dich gesperrt weil du gegen die Nutzungsbedingungen verstoßen hast! Ganz einfache Geschichte, du verbreitest rechte Hetze und Fakenews und wirst dafür gebannt, is ganz normales Prozedere und gehört sich auch so! Kannst jetzt rumheulen wie du willst aber du warst schlichtweg einfach schon vor Jahren ein Fall für Jugendamt und Verfassungsschutz du kleine Nazigöre

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