March 2, 2021


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32 thoughts on “Twitter Exec Denies Shadow Banning in Senate Hearing

  1. Why can't this man be held in contempt of Congress for lying under oath? Or, was he not under oath like the majority of people in the dog and pony show Congressional investigations?

  2. 🆘 Hello, If you are wondering why people are disappearing, I am one of your Twitter followers you lost today. 👉🏼Not by choice.👈🏼 There were no warnings.
    My Twitter account was SUSPENDED (yesterday or today). I followed people like POTUS, Mark Levin, Judicial Watch, David Barton (WallBuilders), House Freedom Caucus, Fox News, PragerU, Hillsdale College, Candace Owens, PrayingMedic, Project Veritas, Victor Davis Hanson, Paris Dennard, Kay Coles James, Jon Miller (MillerStream), Heritage Foundation, LifeNewsHQ, Dana Loesch, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, Christian publishers, pro-American law-abiding Constitutional patriots, Cartoonists Michael Ramirez and AF Branco, veterinary medicine, health & fitness news, arts and crafts stuff (crochet and knitting) and some really informative great conservatives. 👉🏼I only just recently followed David Horowitz (Freedom Center). They (❓) suspended my account. Why? I honestly don't know. No reason or warning offered.
    My account was PRIVATE. I was not much of a Tweeter or engaged in anything that would be considered controversial by normal standards I absolutely KNOW that I did not violate any of Twitter's rules. Basically a benign 'follower' of people I liked or found interesting. I didn't even accept 'follower' requests from anyone. My life isn’t centered around politics or social media. I like dogs, wildlife, and fiber arts and crafts mostly. Those are my main interests.
    However, I did BLOCK a lot of people who were Tweeting extremely evil nauseating filth to POTUS. Very abusive stuff. I am wondering if this is why they suspended my "dangerous" account because I block a lot extreme hatred and abusive Tweets aimed at the President?
    So I am now cut off from communicating with my President and his supporters. I can no longer click on anything to confirm support or follow any of the other 100+ people that I was following. Likes, lists, following, news… ALL GONE 😢.
    BTW, I'm not on Facebook.

  3. I was suspended from Twitter for "targeted harassment" by responding to April Ryan's "Sarah Sanders should have her head lopped off" comment by saying that if lying's a crime then April should be on death row. Yet April didn't get suspended for her comment. This was the day after Trump hauled Twitter's CEO into the Oval Office about social media bias. This pipsqueak is a bald faced liar.

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