May 14, 2021


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Tyler Cowen on herd mentality and herd immunity

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38 thoughts on “Tyler Cowen on herd mentality and herd immunity

  1. All the government health numbers say public health risks of Covid hospitalization & mortality are very low, Gov, of Canada data puts Covid's Case Fatality Rate under .002%, you have a greater risk of a fatal car accident, yet you are forbidden from travelling and gathering, all of your rights have been compromised, your media and public statements are being censored and your children are now in behaviour indoctrination institutions that control their every act of socialization and movement, Canadians are now living in a Uighur Re-education Camps and being welcomed to China's choreography of "total war".

  2. Masks are snake oil
    1.) asymptomatic spreading isn’t real
    2.) cheap Masks don’t stop viruses
    3.) We need herd immunity
    T-cell @ 20%
    4.) Only Sweden did it right
    5.) New Zealand did it all wrong

  3. Keep that zero covid Big Pharma propagandist "lady" off your channel. Covid is over in Germany. Sweden was a huge success, and that woman ignored the facts of this. Instead putting out the new propaganda slogan "Covid damages the heart, long term multi organ damage" This is very rare and you can't use the word "long term" after just 6 months of this disease. Zero covid is terrorism of the populace. The common cold can give a positive corona antibody result (CDC) zero covid will never happen due to this.

  4. From UK I'm aware of some health concerns with Biden. So supposing he wins and only lasts a year, the real question for US voters is who takes over? A cynical person might be wondering if the Democrats have deliberately chosen a trojan horse candidate?

  5. Johan Giesecke in an earlier episode suggested Norway was in much better shape due to much smaller congregate care homes than Sweden. Sweden has announced doing more for the elderly. My state has claimed that 75% of Covid 19 deaths are in such homes and the average age of death is around 80. Yet I see nothing in the US about talking about this, but I saw a report in Reuters that Sweden is now discussing elderly care. I think we should be considering this. If it be better air handling equipment, restrictions on the number of patients, etc.

  6. To all these medical experts that have an opinion on this supposed virus I suggest you actually read the Virologist Method Manual, Chapter 4 Virus Purification Ultracentrifugation etc. Then actually read the source material for COVID-19:

    A new coronavirus associated with human respiratory disease in China

    Read the method part, the lung fluid samples were not purified!

    Then notice they used un-purified sample was sequenced and this un-purified sequence is deposited in GenBank under accession number MN908947 as the reference sequence for SARS Cov 2

    Please explain to me how this research paper proves anything?

    It doesn't prove a virus exists let alone causes the hypoxia and opacites in the lungs?

    Do you see what I'm getting at, this research is not following the scientific method and certainly does not met Koch's Postulates to prove a virus exist and is causing a disease.

    Or am I missing something?

  7. I do not listen to officials wearing masks because I need to see facial cues in order for me to trust the information they are communicating. I also know leaders wearing masks when they do not need to is a form of social conditioning and I resent the manipulation.

  8. I cant believe we are going down any mandating path completely wrong and should be done to personal choice. Herd immunity is enough, people are too scared but security over freedom is never a good thing and we will all suffer for those who follow this path of self destruction.

  9. Thanks again Freddy. Its an oxymoron to be a Libertarian for government control. This guy is more balanced than most I'd say but as a dictator you wouldn't have to worry about him doing anything as he would just study it to death.

  10. First of all, thanks for the content, these interviews are great and unique.

    Second: have you taken a look at the Argentina case? It seems to be a pretty good case to analyze an approach somewhat opposite to Sweden's.

    Here in Argentina, the lockdown started before the cases spiked or even spread geographically to a great extent, and hasn't been lifted (only selectively relaxed) for almost 6 months now. As a result the curve has been flattened but it's hard to know when it's going to peak, or if we have reached that peak but it's flat and will take a while for cases to go down.

    Because the initial lockdown was nation wide, most provinces saw almost no virus until very recently and now that it's (hopefully) almost through Buenos Aires, it seems the cases in the rest of the country are coming. Right now though, the numbers mostly reflect Buenos Aires and its suburbs (since that's where it's really spread so far), which has a population comparable to that of Sweden as a whole, and we have 10k deaths already which is more than Sweden has had with their strategy. Also, our population seems to have around 10% of people over 65 years vs Sweden's 20%.

    On an interesting side note, months ago as he was extending the lockdown for the second or third time (it's been too many to remember which), our President showed a graph of the death rate of Sweden at the time and basically said they were letting people die over there and we wouldn't do that.

    Now, people arguing for lockdown here will say that if we hadn't started it then we would have way more deaths by now, but it seems that since nothing was really done to protect the at risk populations, we would have the same rate, only less spread out, which would be a problem if the health system collapsed. But a) it's close to collapse now (and is collapsing in some of the other provinces now being hit), coupled with the fact that after six months, it's getting harder and harder for people to maintain the lockdown; and b) for over two months at the beginning it was actually the opposite and hospitals were empty, idly waiting for cases which didn't come because the most strict adherence to the lockdown was of course at that point. Apart from constantly repeating their mantra of "lockdown is the only tool the world has found for this problem", they "strawman" any criticism against it as "letting everyone just die", making sure that people saying we should do nothing are put in the same box as the people saying we should focus the effort on effectively shielding high risk groups. Meanwhile, an article I found from June reported 28% of deaths in Buenos Aires city were nursing home patients.

    It would be interesting if you could interview someone who has looked at this case, since it seems to be pretty different than most countries (I haven't really found a comparable one). Maybe even one of the doctors in charge of Argentina's strategy who make the rounds endlessly on local TV but have never ran into an actual interviewer who will confront them with real arguments.

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