May 13, 2021


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U.S. State Department Admits Signs Point To C0VlD Created in Wuhan Lab

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A since deleted statement by the U.S. State Department admits that not only does the U.S. not know for certain where C0VlD originated, but that many signs point …


46 thoughts on “U.S. State Department Admits Signs Point To C0VlD Created in Wuhan Lab

  1. USA is a gang of liars and thieves; the CONstitution "convention" was a secret meeting behind locked doors, and sealed for 50 years; DUMP THE REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRATS; HAND COUNT ALL VOTES; vote Libertarian; ANYTHING BUT REP or DEM…. GOVERNMENT IS A LIE

  2. And Trump kept Fauci on the entire last year!!! Everyone still cupping Trump’s balls needs to wake up! They are ALL part of the cabal. Trump was just dumb and oblivious to it all or controlled opposition. I think Trump did what he could but part of me feels like he might have been controlled opposition. A real leader would have led his supporters peacefully to the Capitol and had a nonviolent peaceful sit in. Instead Trump got in his vehicle and disappeared!!

  3. How do you know the State Department is speaking the truth about the spread of the coronavirus pandemic? Since when the government tells the truth? The United States may avoid significant discoveries or prevent the rest from getting the responsible for this human tragedy.

  4. Created at Fort Detrick original gain of function done at University lab of N Carolina after leak and mysterious "vaping disease" Fort Detrick shut down and law changes make outsourcing of bio weapons to U.S funded lab at Wuhan. Youre welcome, this was well knowen 8 months ago.

  5. Statements made by "official sources" (such as the U.S. State Dept.) in "black and white" are now to be accepted unquestioningly as "facts"? Oooooookay. Guess I'd better forget some of the inconvenient questions I have that might make "official sources" uncomfortable.

  6. GREAT title and a big F U to the Censorship Bots. That by itself deserves many kudos 👍.
    Downloading this video before it gets pulled by "deplatforming r us" youtube 🙄

  7. The wet market had 0 bats. The Wuhan Institute of Virology has the largest collection of bat coronaviruses on Earth. Hmm, where did it come from? Let's send Dr. Peter Daszak who partnered with the lab to create chimeric viruses of pandemic potential to find out. Seems legit 🤔

  8. Professor Shi, fauchi and Gates should hang from the same rope… they’ve been “gain of functioning” these corona viruses for more than 20 years. Plot twist…. a peerj study just showed that the quadrivalent flu shot somehow causes “non influenza pneumonia” showing a parallel line of covid deaths to flu shot recipients…. imagine that! For the record, all flu shots for fall of 20/21 are quads. It’s in the flu shot, that’s how it reared it’s unholy head last fall, they knew it was coming back as soon as the flu shots started back up

  9. Do your job and look into the true nature of 'Virus' and you'll uncover that this story is just more gaslighting bullshit…that you are helping propagate…so you're gaslighting as well by proxy. nice.

  10. Saw this explained by a guy who lived in China and had access to documents and available internet.
    He talked about patient zero was a young, female researcher who disappeared after getting sick.

  11. Sounds like a great time to do a Global Reset with all this world wide convoluted information that will make a handful of billionaires richer and the working class and under a whole lot poorer. Starting with some of the Wuhan people dropping dead on the streets to hospital triage centers in the US with no people in them to tic-toc dancing nurses doing video's, to no mask, yes mask, sometimes mask, two masks, to death stat's that run all over the board depending on what news outlet you watch and if you question it your accused of killing grand Ma herself. A virus so deadly you have to be tested to see if you have it. A survival rate in the high 90%. People constantly pushing up, pulling down their masks. A PCR test that the creator of that test say's will not work for the testing of viruses and this is just touching the tip of it. When you look at what's going on in the world you have to ask yourself, are we really all that confused about what is really going on? A total full blown clown show.

  12. I don't think the origin is as important as what the people were made to do due to fear of a virus that didn't deserve to feared. It's been almost a year since the tyrant who controls my state ordered his covid rules put into place. Most people complied without question; because they believed it was going to be for only two weeks. In March we will have our 1 year anniversary. Most people do not question the absurdity of these restrictions. It's almost like it has gotten to the point that nobody is allowed to get sick ever again.

    The pcr test is not a test to diagnose disease. As Kary Mullis once said, if the pcr is used as a diagnostic tool, it will find anything in anybody. How convenient for the globalists that Kary passed away in August of 2019.

    We do not have to comply. There are groups all around the world, even in the US who are fighting against the tyranny. You can check out the litigation at Click on the 'litigation' tab. The litigation began in Ohio. New Mexico has been added. There are two more states in the pipeline. Tom Renz is a good attorney and will be taking the case to the Supreme Court. This will be a long process; but, there are things that each one of us can do if we are in the US.

  13. Mysterious vaping illnesses around Ft. Detricks, maybe that is where it came from. I don't believe anything the US state department says, I've been lied to by the US government to many times.

  14. I believe in coincidences just as much as the next guy.. However, how ultra ironic is it that this entire debacle just had to happen right on time for allegedly the most important presidential election in history.. It couldn’t happen at any other time in history..

  15. Does this corona virus even exist considering that flu cases have dropped almost 100% since covid-19 has been pounded into our skulls every day for the last year. Is the information leaked from the state department just another psyop? If enough idiots believe the spew will it muster up significant support for a conflict with China? There is nothing bankers love more than war.

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