March 7, 2021


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UH OH! They're Going For The Jab Passport Now!

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42 thoughts on “UH OH! They're Going For The Jab Passport Now!

  1. the Trump presidency was a direct response to a very real awakening to pervasive government corruption, and it looks like a con job and possible purge of some of the establishment by other parts of the establishment

    Mossad always wins the elections.


    NOBODY cares about the poor.
    NOBODY will stop the war.
    NOBODY will fix the system.
    NOBODY is the perfect politician.

    Law Without Government

    "Such an institution of coercion – centralizing immorality, directing theft and murder, and co-ordinating oppression on a scale inconceivable by random criminality – exists. It is the Mob of mobs, Gang of gangs, Conspiracy of conspiracies. It has murdered more people in a few recent years than all the deaths in history before that time; it has stolen in a few recent years more than all the wealth produced in history to that time; it has deluded – for its survival – more minds in a few recent years than all the irrationality of history to that time. Our Enemy, The State." -Samuel Edward Konkin III
    "The state is a gang of thieves writ large" -Murray Rothbard

    [9/11 Was An Inside Job](

    Like and share to wake the masses.
    Alliance of the Libertarian Left
    Black flags for black markets!

    Agora! Anarchy! Action!
    Ⓐ³ ⚑

  2. I am a vet. There is an important rule: NEVER vaccinate an animal that is sick with whatever sickness. If you do so the animal can or will get very sick from this vaccination and might die. That is why people die.

  3. “On the 5th of January, Sacha Stone will deliver a monumental 2-hour Live stream event exposing the historical pathology of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the many financial elements connected to his offices. !!! *** *** !!!Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. David Martin & Dr. Rocco Galati will join Sacha to bring before the public the vast pathology of crimes against humanity which many key researchers and experts allege against Anthony Fauci (the most powerful man on earth in the public health administration sector). Register to stay tuned for updates.”

  4. Everyone needs to watch “The Barrier” on Netflix. It’s a dystopian society basically straight out of 1984. Very good show and worth the watch… if you watch Luke’s videos it’s right up your alley

  5. Will we ever be told what ingrediants are exactly inside the jab? Probably not. We need a non biased Third party group to analyze what they are trying to give us, so the people can better understand potential risk involved.

  6. If you have to get the vaxx (for work or travel), take out a loan if you have to to try to freeze eggs/sperm as appropriate. There’s a doctor who’s starting looking into any reproductive affects but who knows if be able t actually publish his findings.

  7. They know there will be worse diseases coming because the weakening magneto field will allow more radiation to mutate fast-evolving life forms like bacteria and viruses.

    They know there will be less food because plants and animals will be affected by increased disease as well. Also, the Grand Solar Minimum will make the weather less stable and colder and wetter overall.

    I think they are trying to crash the ship as gently as possible but there’s still going to be a crash. I think they thought there might be more time and have themselves been surprised at the rate of acceleration (e.g. they don’t even release the cumulative collapse data on the magnetic field anymore). Hence the Agenda 2030 step in the overarching Agenda 21 plan.

  8. We must stand together against this. Refuse to wear a mask, and don’t go to stores that demand it. Also, refuse the vaccine and don’t go where a vaccine passport is required.

  9. You think maybe this is all like version of smallpox blankets 2.0?

    Like, those willing to compromise with the new world order will be allowed to persist, but those unwilling will be left to die off. Knowing a pushback is bound to happen, whaaat if this was a trial run to see which populations are going to need to be thinned out so that they aren't able to push back as successfully.

    Adapt or die.

  10. Right…. so, if you, as a consumer, stop asking for a certain product ( you know, along with scores of millions of other people), you're telling me that the people/ corporations responsible for providing us with those products are going to keep making those products?
    Sure, those big companies hold the burden of causing more damage than us, but we hold the burden of asking them to do it for us.

  11. Back in 2017, Fauci said in a conference, on record that "there will be a pandemic during this presidency term." You can find the clips here on YT. Yet we're still told to follow His advice without question?! #🖕🏿Fauci!!

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