May 8, 2021


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Uighurs, Hong Kong, #TwoMichaels: Anti-CCP rally in Vancouver tackles China's human rights abuses

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47 thoughts on “Uighurs, Hong Kong, #TwoMichaels: Anti-CCP rally in Vancouver tackles China's human rights abuses

  1. You just don't know the infiltration work the CCP has done to Canada for the past 10 years. From federal level to manucipal level, how many of our politicians received benefits from the CCP and sold us out. It's gonna be painful if you try to reverse the current situation.

  2. Love how its 2020 and ppl act like it's the 80s ….grow up
    China has been this way for 70 plus years. Nothing new here. We all know ccp . Yet here we are using Chinese stuff…..
    Make your minds up.

  3. How do we make a difference when our crime minister loves China ? Even these ppl don’t know how much China has infiltrated Canada with the help of our crime minister … I believe they are in our northern reserves as we speak doing army drills … wtf

  4. We stand with you! From all canada! We all need to ban china out of canada life! If we want this to happening. Than dear to canadain people do not vote for libreal! Vote for blue. They will stand with us. Libreal they wants to stand with china. I cannot allow that happening. I dont want see my country on wrong side.

  5. First and foremost, this is Canada, no CCP or any other regime is allowed~ Fly that CANADIAN FLAG HIGH! Its ALL OF Canada not just because you're standing in Vancouver, stand up, get up for your rights as Canadians! ALL CANADIANS OCCUPY EVERY PIECE OF CANADA! 4:50 The military complex under disguise as a import/export, should be closed. Just Go back to where you come from if you don't agree with the crown land, freedom and Canadian values. Vancouver is NOT CHINA! Freedom because of the brave! Where is OUR TWO MICHEALS?!!

  6. with ever passing day, we see the CCP ideology directing Canada's Federal, provincial and municipal governments. Shame on Canada. In days past, Canadians have been reluctant to get involved. But, a huge thanks to our immigrant population who are willing to take a stand and bring us back to freedom and prosperity. More of us need to join you in letting our leaders and mainstream media know that they are wrong and that we don't support their views and lack of fullsome reporting. Without these courageous people, we will be lost!

  7. I can feel connected to these fine people. And thank YOU for unbiased coverage.
    Vancouverites don't want China here. The Chinese people are WELCOME to build a new life here.
    We don't support what they DO. Not to say Chinese people are bad, NO, it is the CCP, the military that takes ALL freedoms.

  8. Welcome to White Rock B.C. ~ Our pathetic town council has sold out to GREED. Mini prisons going up on every square inch of land. Box houses …Ignoring bi-laws. Trees coming down, clear cutting old properties…It's disgusting greed. A $$$ grab…🤮

  9. I know about the situation with the Uyghurs but didn't know it was that long. And our MSM are not even reporting this story nor any world leaders speaking up about this. I think Trump did but no actions

  10. Reading one of the comments below – isn't Canada in the back pocket of the CCP? (instead of the other way around?) in any case – – Trudeau loves CCP dictatorship policies! The WHO is trying to take over Canada. The SHEEPLE need to wake-up NQW before CCP policies take over Canada. BIG BROTHER JUSTIN needs to be stopped. My prayers are for the Chinese people and the Uighurs and those in Hong Kong who are also desperately trying to fight the CCP.

  11. It might be useful to establish a “John McCallum Prize”. This ‘prize’ could be ‘awarded’ (say, once every month) to the Canadian who is rendering the most outstanding, craven service to the CCP. Nominations could be solicited from, for example, the viewers of this channel, then a panel of knowledgeable public individuals could deliberate and argue the respective cases for the nominated candidates (with the minutes of these deliberations to be published) … and the “Prize” then ‘awarded’ in a public (and highly publicized) ceremony.

  12. Hi Drea, I would love to see a story about the Trudeau government giving $8 BILLION dollars of our CPP pension money to China, one of the richest countries in the world, surely having much more wealth then Canada!… With this CPP money, (our pension money), China has purchased a gold mine in the NWT, a fishery, and a lobster harvester company in New Brunswick, now building a commodities company in Surrey, for exclusive rights of ALL Canadian products being sold only to China!… what could possibly go wrong with that???… Could this be Trudeau getting back at Trump, or is Trudeau handing over Canada to China, where they are known to eat up small potatoes!!!… WTF? Wake up Canada!!!

  13. Jason Kenney LOVES China which is why he lets them and the Saudis invest so much in the oil sands. A buck made on Alberta oil is just more profits for commies and terrorists.

  14. Chinese virologist Dr Li-Meng Yan has claimed that the novel coronavirus was made in a government controlled laboratory in Wuhan and asserted that she has scientific proof to back the claim.

  15. Their was a planned flag raising ceremony for the fascist CCP this week and Doug Ford was shamed into cancelling it. He made up an excuse to cancel so he can save face for his handlers in Beijing.

  16. "Marc Jackson" The Wikileaks vault7 shows evidence of the CIA hacking Chinese companies for over 11 years and passing this information to competitors in the US. As companies have gone to register their patents in the US they've found the competitors have already registered identical patents.

  17. Turd eau must be so infuriated at these people, for protesting against the Communist Party of China, since he himself is a direct puppet of the CCP and George "the Communist" Soros.

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