October 23, 2021


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UK New Zealand Trade Deal Becomes WOKE

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44 thoughts on “UK New Zealand Trade Deal Becomes WOKE

  1. Wait until China / NZ has changed and then a deal… No trade with China… China must be treated as pariahs until they apologise for the Biological Weapon released globally and make reparations to all nations.

  2. I'm so confused at this country.. women work women get offered work and women earn money what is the flipping problem? Fuck this let's just run the government out

  3. Promoting women in a trade deal. In a trade deal negotiated by a female trade minister. Looks like we’re ahead of the curve. Good luck with this clause in a China/NZ trade deal.

  4. If it was men's empowerment they will say its wrong and you are sexist. But its ok to say Women empowerment. That in itself is unequal towards men. We are all equal. Governments should not be taking only one side of gender. Just like blm. They only promote black people while saying white people are racist when their is no evidence. Its an absolute sham.

  5. New Zealand basically checked out from the West in the 1980s, and it should be left to its fate, to become a Chinese farm/labour camp, as an example to others.

  6. You've based this video on the Independent telling details of trade information before it's released? That news rag is the most devisive, mass manipulating liar in British news. They say anything to Stoke anger.

  7. Don't talk to me about "Woke"! It was those bloody "woke" people in the 19th century that ended slavery, and the hideously "woke" act of 1928 that considered women suitable for voting, not to mention the awfully "woke" post-war slum clearances.
    People who bandy around the word "Woke" as an insult should stay in their caves.

  8. Wake up NZ sorry but Join PRC or Australia and UK & the free world nations . Your forebears fought against tyranny now your PM has join NZ to a TYRANNICAL REGIME !CHOOSE or became an VASSAL ???

  9. I think its entirely necessary to make trade deals with NZ.

    Keeping our diplomatic ties with NZ even if we write some feminist nonsense is much better.

    NZ is joining China because it thinks it has too to survive.

    By ignoring NZ we will surely cause its abandonment.

  10. Labour are pushing their election crap in my Area but only Knocking on Asian Doors ??? Hmmmm NELSON in the UK Needs SUPERVISION They Will Cheat Steal And the Dead will vote Just like The US LABOUR CAN NEVER BE ELECTED AGAIN WE MUST MAKE SURE

  11. A trade deal with a section on what ? “Womens empowerment” ? What ? Ardern is chumming up with the people that knowingly released the covid pandemic to the world – has she forgotten this ? Hopefully Boris knows what he is doing.

  12. I have a big problem with wokeness, and all this talk about women in business. I thought the idea of have a growing company, was to have the best people in place, men or women, which was I believed in. I am a woman and when I started work I was a trained Comptometer Operator, I worked hard and started to climb the ladder to success. I went from strength to strength, leaning all I could about accounts, budgets, taxes, compound interest, and anything that would get me to the top. My final position was the Financial Director and Company Secretary of a large company, and if I was still working today, I would hire the best person for the job, sex or colour has no place if you want the best for your company, and if you have these hang-ups, then you have no place in running a business, your there to make money, not to decide to put sex and colour over someone who can do the job better.

  13. Mahyar, interesting reading the comments below, the hypocrisy of the narrative reminds me of EU parliamentarians. NZ is simply being pragmatic finally. Your post has two seperate points that require a response.
    1. Five Eyes; NZ has not and will not leave Five Eyes, the NZ military has relatively speaking placed large new orders for US made equipment that fit into the Five eyes alliance doctrine. However how is it a bad thing if Today NZ priorities NZ national best interest. 1985 Five Eyes countries did the same, prioritising their own interests to the detriment of NZ. It is old history now but reflect a little on how Five Eyes did not stand beside NZ when the French DGSE attacked NZ. Five Eyes countries did zero to blunt French trade war threats to NZ after the French attack.
    2. Trade; NZ was denied a free trade deal by the EU/UK/US for many decades. NZ therefore diversified exports and export markets, recently NZ has cozied up to China trade deals (there have been two deals so far). During the 1980”s NZ removed tariffs & trade barriers on imports from most countries including EU/US goods. The EU/UK/US trade barriers tariffs quotas and administrative barriers remain in place.
    During the last EU trade mission to NZ the EU President proposed a free trade agreement this after decades of EU BS toward NZ. Suddenly the EU claimed shared values with NZ, (of course this nothing to do with EU post Brexit positioning or the economic decline of Europe).
    The fact is, NZ is not a possession of Europe or the UK, and has long ago moved on from eurocentricity. The next major free trade goal for NZ is India, that is the big one for NZ hopefully it will offset dependence on China trade. If you and your UK audience are offended I suggest a little more reflection, why NZ was denied free trade deals with the EU/UK/US for so long was it UK/EU self interest?Why was it easier for NZ to make trade deals with so many non western countries individually or through Multilateral agreements like the ASEAN & TPP. The truth is it was not easy for NZ to adapt and change from a planned economy to a free market it caused two decades of disruptions. If there is fault for the shift in NZ outlook it has to be from the UK/EU side however I say there is no fault. NZ moving on from Eurocentric trade and outlook was the best thing that ever happened. The current day prosperity of NZ has been driven by a NZ pivot toward Asian markets and more recently by China, this is decades in the making. The UK and the EU are always welcome to join NZ to trade freely, it is not other way around as that is now history. Regards. M. PS.The gender narrative is a BS red herring quit clutching your pearls, and focus on the big picture.

  14. if there is political conditions on trade deals… then we need to dump that deal….and go els where!!!! making conditions on a specific sex or gender… then that makes it a discriminating condition… they are going from one sexual discriminating attitude to another…

  15. I knew Ardern would be a nightmare. She could single handedly destroy the ANZAC spirit. Her bosses in Beijing must be so proud of her.

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