July 26, 2021


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UK woman warned by police for anti-lockdown leaflets — so Rebel News stepped in!

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30 thoughts on “UK woman warned by police for anti-lockdown leaflets — so Rebel News stepped in!

  1. We don't have free speech in Britain at all. Hate speech is a great example of this. Anything critical of a certain religion can get you in deep trouble here, Even if they are killing others in the name of the religion :0 you can't talk negatively about them one bit, it's a joke.

  2. 74,000 dead. That is a conservative estimate because of the 28 day rule does not count those covid deaths after. The NHS is going to collapse soon, not through money but because they will not cope with the shear numbers. Those with cancer, bad hearts etc will be left to their own devices. Yet this idiot woman has so many of you backing her loony thought process.

  3. The Governments are very successful in polarizing us all against each other…….turning people to be their public police force…….ANYONE who protests against their autocratic rule is to be arrested, fined, or imprisoned….
    The shitty world we now live in……we all have NEVER in reality had any rights to free speech or freedom itself…..

  4. When people are being violated, fined,and harassed for free speech that should be everyone's first clue we are being lied to by goverments, main stream media and big pharmaceutical companies. Wake up sheep or keep walking into the slaughterhouse. Your Choice

  5. The simple truth is that there is no real justice system in the UK, there never was.
    If she continues her path the government well wreck her live, jail her, put her into cells with violent people, destroy her income, destroy her relatives income.
    Just look at what they did to Tommy Robinson.

  6. The police will be held FULLY accountable if we ever get our country back. Not just for this but for working for an org that covered up grooming gangs for decades and has held down the native people of this country for decades whilst ignoring the crimes of their elite masters. All 'serving' officers are traitors at this point

  7. Kelly is a HERO deserving forthwith a Citizen Medal of Freedom! But OMG sister, understand that you DID NOT 'get your rights back' No No No one EVER LOSES rights! And never just because some dirt bag says 'it doesn't matter'. Likewise the Law DOES NOT 'give' you rights – the Law restrains & remedies those villains who seek to remove citizen rights.
    Magna Carta! Molon Labe! Resist & DEFY!

  8. In Sweden a woman was sentenced to 1 year in prison a few weeks ago for calling some officials baffons and drunk on power. December 23 our government persuaded youtube to close the biggest free speach channel in Sweden 1.5 million views a month permanently. Free speech are absent in Sweden.

  9. People are so brainwashed & will line up to be injected & doomed…….the vaccines are designed to destroy humanity & transhumanism is their satanic agenda……..to take the human out of you, to enslave & eternal destruction…….do NOT take vaccines ever again…………

  10. From someone who used to live in Essex I can reliably say Essex Police are utterly useless, so it's no surprise that the officers got this so wrong. The level of training and competence in Essex Police is woeful. Greatful to rebel media for exposing their incompetence again. 👍

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