September 22, 2021


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22 thoughts on “(Unelected) Tony Blair Is Working For Boris ? How???? ? Speechless ?

  1. Please
    Join the challenge against COnVID passes. Join 'Big Brother Watch.'
    Also petitions on gov website such as 'Mandotary car registration numbers on all fast food packaging at drive throughs' are getting more signs than the one calling for a; 'ban on masks at school'. This is shocking. Our school days were the best days of our lives. Should be theirs also.

    Also a campaign group called : 'The People's Brexit,' have a page entitled; ' The Corona Act 2020 is Null and Void.'
    They have 2 cases against the gov, currently, and are launching a 3rd case imimently..

    Oh and yt stops me pasting links, so sorry!

  2. Hmmmm it looks as though my comment about Tony Blair has been removed, so their is no free speech, what I said about that man was true but it seems that some people don,t like the truth, ok then I will just say that I don,t like Tony Blair at all, how,s that.

  3. Poking his nose in again, he raised his ugly head about no leaving the E.U reason being he's got money in it, i don't trust Tony B Liar he pokes his nose in where it's not wanted 'War monger'!, i liked his father in-law Tony Booth Scouse Git in Till death do us part

  4. This is an indication of the Government we have now… Are we out of the EU… Are we heading for a Marxist State… Are we heading up for a Police State… Is BogeyJo Johnson really our Leader…? Your call, think for yourself…!

  5. Hello, the man should be in prison. The lot of them Johnson Blair and him from labour, god help us all if these are the best we have got. Oh and that old man that's in charge over the pond. The only good thing i can say is that i never voted for any of them. Why should i when none of them repricent me.

  6. He better not be working. With Boris no wounder we having trouble with the EU over the vaxine he probably put the EU up to causeing trouble. Would not put it pass the traitor should be drumd Oct of the country or put in prison. Responsible for all our troubles considering iligals and countrys trying to get there Owen back on the UK because of the war that he took us into on lies. No way should be in volved in our politics.

  7. why the xxxx is he still walking about ans airing his views every working class person in gb hates him, mainly for starting the illigal invasion hes a xxxx

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