March 3, 2021


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Unpacking the China-Russia alliance

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41 thoughts on “Unpacking the China-Russia alliance

  1. If the US gets its head off its ass. Then they should have realized that Russia is a more natural ally than an enemy. For gods sake they're not the communists they once knew. They should support India and turn it into a economic powerhouse to counter China and make better trade and diplomatic relations with Russia. The US should also continue its relations with Turkey as they play a role too.

  2. Russian-Chinese friendship could last until the fall of the US, after that both will have to look for another best friend to take the other down. My humble guess is like this; China with Japan ( only if Japan succeeds to stay as a production hub as it has been.) Russia with India. The rest might be another cold war that's fought through AI.

  3. Green Water Navies, on the other hand is designed to operate in its nation's littoral zones and has the competency to operate in the open oceans of its surrounding region. This means that it patrols around the coasts of the region in which it operates. Nations that fit this model would include Russia, Germany, and China, along with all other naval powers that don't have a truly global scope of operations.

  4. What is a blue-water navy and how many nations have a blue-water navy?

    Blue Water Navies are considered navies that have an international focus. They function in the deep waters (blue) across the globe. Today that would most clearly be the United States Navy, but there are a few others that function in this regard in Europe. The purpose of a Blue water force is generally not considered just ensuring that one nation is protected, but to ensure global security and stability, as well as protecting global trade lanes.

  5. I think that the most elemental aspect about Russian policy has escaped the argumentation: under the current situation the russian beaurocracy under growing Western pressure is facing national disintegration. Compared to that, an alliance with China is by far the lesser evil. Other strategic aspects should be worked out for that to happen, of course, such as the relation to India.
    In other words, in relation to China, Russia will only grow ever weaker. So they can join an alliance with them "now" playing second fiddle but securing a much needed counterweight to NATO, or they can join later from a much weaker position. I suspect that the West will burn all the bridges with Russia before the latter does it.

  6. Fascinating video. I have all the Time Magazines from the 1990's filled with similar predictions about Russia's decline. You must have read them before making this video.

  7. Russia shouldn’t over trust China it would be a mistake better for Russia to normalise relations with Europe and the west

    China has long term expansionism ideas much like Japan during WW2 and eastern Russia would be a easy target the only thing stopping China is it needs Russian technology for its military but as soon as China has the advantage they will become more aggressive Like in the South China Sea with Taiwan and the border with India

    Better for Russia to make new friends now before it’s to late

  8. The huge difference between west and Russia/China, is that the west doesn't have territorial ambitions, they just want to live happily and to help other do so.
    The Russians and the Chinese have such ambitions and in my opinion if such a conflict were to arrise between Russia and China, the west will side with Russia.

  9. The US didn't have to place missiles , troops and engineer coups on Rissias border. The Russian and Chinese alliance is one of defence. The US can stop trying to be the dominant force in the world …

  10. The key in this presentation is the fact that Russia and China see themselves as "civilization states". But Putin has dramatically insinuated the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) into governance and into military command and control. That makes Russia a very unpredictable actor. As the West has renounced civilizational identity, opting for postmodernism and consumerism, Putin seems completely vindicated by Russians, especially as indoctrinated two generations already through the education systems. But at any time that Russia seriously begins to slip behind, Putin will be riding a tiger of his own devising, and will have to give Russians made-for-TV victories, such as "liberating" the Baltic states, or Kiev. At that point it gets very dicey, and with the West in its sorry state of confusion, it will be easy for them to miscalculate and overreact themselves, to also shore up TV-based political poll numbers. Boom.

  11. From old catholic prophecies and other, near future seems to look like this:

    1. great degeneracy in culture, general weakening of the faith, confusion, ideological chaos in the West (willing and/or unwilling) even in the very top of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church,

    2. globalists and banksters funding chaos, political unrest, civil wars all around the world (especially USA and western Europe), the Third World War (Islam in Europe, in Middle East and in Russia, China in middle Asia, probably in Africa and the Pacific, USA fighting chinese land invasion on the West Coast, certainly the Pacific, maybe landing in Europe for the third time, Russia being betrayed by China and losing most or all of Siberia, because China wants a massive asian land empire with siberian natural resources – beyond this general turmoil and some local wars – common war crimes, genocides, use of biological and/or chemical weapons, probable use of unknown superweapons (supposed weather-weapon HAARP, orbital, microwave, sonic, antigravity weapons and alike), almost certain use of nuclear weapons, especially in Spain, Sicily, Greece, Turkey) – about the end of the War will happen the Three Days of Darkness (probably blast of solar storm destroying all of electricity, sunlight fully blocked for 3 days, paranormal demonic terror on whole Earth) and worldwide Illumination of Conscience – all of this resulting in hundreds of millions or even few billions dead, collapse of world economy, frequent massive natural disasters, downfall of tyrannical dictatorships, communisms, democracies and republics,

    3. final end of the freemasonic sects, illuminati, occult secret societies, destruction of their centuries-long conspiracy to enslave all humanity, massive conversions to purified Christianity counted in nations, return of christian, catholic monarchies – with its kings, its emperor and its "angelic pope" renewed true Church of Christ reigns supreme under the Sun – Novus Ordo Seculorum has been defeated.

    And concerning the Antichrist:
    there are few eschatological characteristics, that theologians hold the Antichrist will posses:
    great influence, jewish ethnic descend, male, will cause a historical peace deal (probably in the Middle East, important for the state of Israel), heavly demonically possesed from early childhood, paranormal abilities (flying, pyrokinesis, advanced healing for fake resurrection) and very charismatic.
    Last year or few years ago rabbis of orthodox jews declared that their "messiah" has already been born or made first public appearance, but still hasn't officially revealed himself.
    I honestly personally suspect Jared Kushner or his brother.

    Things are getting real.
    Events of the Book of Revelation, the Apocalypse, will SOON take place.
    So the 21st century may be the last one…

  12. I get the vibe that Russia would swap to support the west. If China became the would superpower they would seize all control of Russia whereas if the west continues to lead Russia will still exist and continue as devils advocate.

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